Irish recipes – treat yourself and your family

There are many popular Irish dishes that are both tasty and nutritious. Some of the recipes have been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years, others are innovations of recent times.
Traditional Irish recipes
Below are a list of famous Irish meals that you might like to make at home. Click on the links to get the Irish recipes you want, and watch the tutorial videos.

Irish Food Recipes

Irish stew recipeIrish pork chops and apple cider recipeSteak and Guinness Pie recipeIrish Soda Bread recipe. Photo Copyright - Heather Moria CC2Leprechaun pizza recipe

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Barnbrack recipe. Photo Copyright - Diádoco CC3Guinness Chocolate Cake recipeGuinness Chocolate Cheesecake recipeBaileys Ice Cream Cheesecake recipeBaileys Irish Cream Chocolate Cake recipeMillionaire chocolate squares recipeIrish oaty apple crumble recipeBlarney Stones recipeIrish Apple Crumble Cake recipeBaileys filled chocolates recipeHow to make Irish pancakesIrish Potato Candy recipeGuinness Chocolate Cupcakes recipeGuinness ice-cream float recipeLeprechaun cupcakes recipeLeprechaun CakeChocolate Guinness beer cake recipeHow to make traditional Irish sconesTraditional Irish rhubarb crumble recipeBanana Bread recipeHealthy chocolate brownies recipeBaileys dark chocolate trufflesGuinness Cheesecake recipe2 minute chocolate muffin recipeHalloween Witches Fingers RecipeBaileys Irish Cream PancakesIrish Tea Cakes recipe from Donal Skehan

Irish Drinks Recipes

Ireland is also renowned for its ability to produce a fine drink. Below are the ingredients and recipes for some of the most popular.

How to make Guinness Black and BlondBaileys Irish Cream recipeIrish Coffee recipeIrish flag shot

Do you qualify to become an Irish citizen?

There are three main ways for a person to qualify for Irish citizenship – through birth, through marriage or civil partnership or through naturalisation. Check if you qualify for Irish citizenship

Did you know?

An Irish schoolteacher has created a brilliant YouTube video explaining the history of Ireland in just six minutes. It’s brilliantly done and makes learning both fun and engaging for children and also adults. Find out more.

Have you heard about…

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What about this…

The Incredible life of Irish American Molly Brown saw her labelled ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ by the media after surviving several disasters including the sinking of the Titanic. Find out more.