How to make Honey-Glazed corned beef

corned beef

Honey-Glazed corned beef can be used either as a snack or in a sandwich, or as part of a meal.

It is a different take on the corned beef based Irish meals and gives chefs plenty of opportunity to get creative.

It has become very popular, particularly in America, on St Patrick’s Day.

We have used a video from Cooking Everything Outdoors, whose presenter Gary House shows how to make a delicious Honey mustard glazed corned beef.

Cooking Everything Outdoors then use the glazed corned beef in a sandwich, but there are of course several other ways to use the meat.

It all comes down to the imagination of the person preparing the dish.

Honey-Glazed corned beef recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Honey glazed corned beef recipe

Corned beef
Stone Ground Mustard
Brown sugar
Check out the video from Cooking Everything Outdoors

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