Celebrating the rich diversity of Irish culture

Celebrating the rich diversity of Irish culture

Ireland has produced people who have excelled in every walk of life from great poets and writers to successful entrepreneurs, politicians, musicians, philosophers… the list is endless.

Here we celebrate some of the great achievements of Irish men and women throughout history.

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Colin Farrell copyright Tabercil cc2
Several Irish actors have headed to America and conquered Hollywood.


Ireland has had thousands of years of cultures and civilisations who have right great art behind.


Ireland has many artifacts with fascinating origins.


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Ireland is scattered with castles, many dating back more than 1,000 years. All are steeped in tradition and have a wealth of stories to tell.

Celtic festivals

Celtic Festivals. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
The ancient Celts had several festivals to celebrate important landmarks throughout the year.

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic cross
Millions of people around the world wear jewelry that features Celtic symbols. We look at the most popular symbols and their meanings.

Celtic Mythology

Celtic mythology
Ireland is the best preserver of Celtic mythology thanks to never being invaded by the Romans. There are four cycles to Celtic mythology, Fenian, Ulster, Mythological and the Cycle of Kings.


Irish comedians
Irish people are famous around the world for enjoying a laugh and the craic, so no wonder the country has produced so many top class comedians.

Irish Drinks

Irish drinks
The stories behind the creations of some of the world-famous Irish drinks.

Irish Surnames

Irish names - copyright Ireland Calling
Some Irish names are thousands of years old. We tell the stories behind some of the most popular surnames in Ireland.


Irish photographers
Ireland has produced countless brilliant photographers who capture fantastic images on a number of subjects.


Ireland’s favourite poems, presented with background notes.


George Bernard Shaw quotes. Image copyright Ireland Calling
From Oscar Wilde to George Bernard Shaw, Ireland has always had people more than capable of speaking their minds and producing memorable quotes.


Irish recipes
Ireland has produced several delicious and healthy meals and drinks throughout history. Learn how to make them and treat yourself and your family.


Image Copyright - Ireland Calling
From grand to culchie, codding to pup, find out exactly what these Irish slang terms mean.


Tristan and Isolde from old Irish story
From love stories to epic tales, from fairy stories to harsh realism…Ireland has a rich heritage of storytelling.


Ireland has produced a host of great scientists who’ve made a major contribution in areas such as medicine, industry and technology.


we provide a platform for talented poets and writers to publish their work to a worldwide audience.


Celtic symbols copyright Ireland Calling
There are several ancient Celtic symbols that have a spiritual and cultural significance for millions of people across the world.

Special Days and Saints Days

St-Brigid 1 February.

St Brigid’s Day 1 February

Pagan goddess Brigid became a Christian saint

Presentation of Jesus in the temple.

Candlemas Day – 2 February

Presentation of Jesus in the temple

God could not e everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday) – moveable

a celebration of mothers

St-Patrick photo Andreas-F-Borchert-cc3

St Patrick – 17 March

patron saint and national icon

St. Swithin 15 July

St Swithin’s Day – 15 July

the saint of weather forecasting?

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