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The lighter side of Ireland and Irish emigrants from around the world.

Top 10 Covid scams revealed – don’t get conned by criminals

Top 10 covid scams

There are at least 10 top Covid scams being used by criminals to get people’s personal details to steal large sums of money. Using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity, fraudsters are using sophisticated methods to callously exploit people, with many concerned about their financial situation and the state of …

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Roaring Stone of Destiny – ‘maker of kings’ on Hill of Tara

Lia Fail Stone of Destiny

The roaring Stone of Destiny on the Hill of Tara was used to select the king of Ireland…you can still go there today to see if you’re the chosen one. Be careful though as the area was also thought to be the entrance to the other world…and you never know …

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Irish piano star bumps into a singing goddess…cue songs from the Sound of Music

Brendan Kavanagh

Irish piano maestro Brendan Kavanagh is becoming a YouTube star thanks to his dazzling performances with people he’s never met or played with before. Brendan often surprises other musicians by joining in with as they play public pianos at railway stations in London. We recently featured him put on an …

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Spinetingling: Worshippers from 300 churches sing The Irish Blessing

The Irish Blessing Choir

There are few more glorious sounds than hundreds of people coming together to sing in unison to lift spirits in times of trouble. That’s exactly what happened when worshippers from more than 300 churches in every county of Ireland got together through the wonders of technology to sing a one-thousand-year-old …

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