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How to make Healthy chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies are one of life’s great pleasures – surely one of the most delicious treats known to mankind.

If only they weren’t so sugary and fattening.

Well could it be possible that you could enjoy a delicious chocolate brownie and still pride yourself on being a healthy eater?

Well maybe, maybe not… but the ones in this recipe by Melanie Murphy and Irish chefs The Happy Pear twins is definitely healthier than an average chocolate brownie.

How to make HEALTHY chocolate brownies

They have teamed up to make a video showing how to make a dairy and gluten free brownie.

The twins, who have written a bestselling Irish cook book, explain that there will be no dairy, no gluten and no refined sugar.

The brownies get their sweetness from medjool dates and sweet potatoes, which also provides the gooeyness.
Meanwhile, the fat comes from almonds and coconut oil.

Melanie says at the beginning of the video: “This is a healthy brownie that everyone can eat and not feel bad.”

The healthy dairy free, gluten free brownie ingredients:

2 sweet potatoes
10 medjool dates
60g of whole almonds
100g of ground almonds
6 tbs of coconut oil
4 tbs of raw cacao powder
3 tbs of cocoa nibs (or broken up very very very dark chocolate)
4 tbs of maple syrup

Healthy chocolate brownie recipe

Take a look at the video below.

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