Jamie Oliver demonstrates how to make a Guinness Cheesecake

TV chef Jamie Oliver has created a YouTube video demonstrating how to make a delicious Guinness cheesecake.

The Essex man has become one of the world’s most famous celebrity chefs over the past twenty years, since he first burst onto the scene in the late 1990s under the alias The Naked Chef.

Guinness cheesecake recipe

Since then, he has worked all over the world and is an active campaigner about the importance of healthy eating.

Oliver has lobbied the UK government in the past about the standard of school dinner, and helped bring about a change of more healthy meals available for kids.

He has also ran several campaigns in which he re-trains former criminals as chefs in a bid to help them turn their lives around. Many of these former criminals are now working as chefs in Oliver’s restaurants, and some have even won prestigious Michelin Stars.

In this video, Oliver is cooking in front of an audience at a food event in Dublin.

He begins by revealing that in this cheesecake, he has replaced the double cream ingredient with our old favourite Guinness.

Then he places a packet of ginger snap biscuits into a blender and as he puts it, he “wazzes it up.”

Next 250g of melted butter is added, and mixed in with the broken biscuits.

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That mixture is patted down onto the base of a cake tin and Oliver moves on to his cheese layer.

He adds some sugar to the cream cheese, telling his audience he is trying to “convince the cheese it is sweet and not savoury in this dish”. A spoonful of vanilla extract – not vanilla essence – is added and mixed in.

He adds 250g of melted dark chocolate and a small pinch of nutmeg before introducing his star ingredient – a pint of Guinness.

Oliver explains that he grew up in a pub, and has always been a fan on the black stuff. He explained it makes sense for a cheesecake, because of its character and creamy texture. In it goes.

Oliver’s assistant from the crowd adds four eggs to the mixture while he continues to stir all the flavours in together.

The mixture is poured over the biscuit base and cooked in the oven at 170°C for an hour. The oven is then turned off but the cake left inside to sink before being put into the fridge.

Once set, add a dollop of cream on to the top and it is ready to serve.

Take a look at Oliver’s demonstration below.

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