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Oat scones in just a couple of minutes – absolutely delicious!

Irish celebrity chef Darina Allen appeared on the Martha Stewart show to demonstrate how simple and easy it is to make St Patrick’s Day scones.

The two ladies chat over the griddle in the studio and within minutes have created a delicious looking batch of oat scones that will make the perfect treat for St Patrick’s Day as well as throughout the year.Oat scones in just a couple of minutes – absolutely delicious!

The video is from 2012 but is still available to view online.

Darina begins by mixing 1¾ cups of wholemeal flour, half teaspoon of salt, a generous serving of oats and a pinch of baking soda.

The dry mixture is stirred together before Darina pours in half a jug of buttermilk.

She stirs the mixture together until it forms into a sticky dough, and Martha prepares the griddle by brushing on some melted butter to prevent the scones from sticking.

The whole process takes less than a couple of minutes and Darina comments that it is so simple that she often makes oat scones with her grandchildren.

The mixture is spooned onto the griddle in small dollops and the scones begin to cook immediately.

One quick turn of the scones to ensure they cook evenly throughout, and they are ready to be served.

Darina is keen to spread them with traditional Irish butter, and Martha insists she wants gooseberry jam on hers.

The two ladies quickly prepare and taste the oat scones and they certainly look absolutely delicious.

As Darina mentions in the video, they are a great snack to make if you have no bread it the house, or to take with you if you are going on a picnic.

Take a look at the video.

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