How to make Baileys Irish Cream Dark Chocolate Truffles

As we all know, chocolate truffles are some of the richest and most delicious treats that money can buy. Everybody loves truffles, which makes them the prefect romantic gifts as well as being great presents for friends and family of all ages.
Recipe for Baileys Irish Cream Dark Chocolate Truffles
A video from Smiley Recipes gives great instructions on how to give your chocolate truffles an Irish theme – by making them with the delicious Baileys Irish Cream.
This means that the sweet wouldn’t be suitable for children – but make a great treat for adults.

The video features all of the measurements of the various ingredients and takes you through the process of making the truffles – all to done to a lovely chilled out reggae sound track just to get you in the mood.


Dark chocolate (50 grams)
Butter (25 grams)
¼ cup of cream
Baileys (2 table spoons)
Coconut flakes (enough for coating)
Hot chocolate powder (enough for coating)
The sweets look and taste absolutely delicious and are a great gift for any occasion.

Baileys Irish Cream Dark Chocolate Truffles recipe

Take a look at the video below.

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The main problem you’ll face after making these Baileys truffles is how to prevent yourself from eating thema all at once. Perhaps you could stall for time by looking at some of our other great recipes below.

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