How to make Dublin Coddle

Dublin Coddle recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling
Dublin Coddle recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Dublin Coddle is a traditional Irish meal, often eaten by the man of the house after he returned from an evening in the pub.

Dublin Coddle recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling
It is made using any spare bits of food in the house, although most often it would consist of sausages, bacon, potatoes, onions and vegetables, all slow boiled in a pan together. The ingredients aren’t completely submerged in the water, and a lid must be put on the pan to steam-cook those that lay above the surface.

The end result is a delicious, flavoursome, healthy meal. The perfect way to end an evening after a few Guinesses.

Dublin Coddle is also made as a meal for the whole family, particularly during the winter as it is a great way to warm up after a long day.

It originated in Dublin, and so was named after the capital. It was reportedly a favourite meal of historical Irish figures such as Jonathan Swift and Seán O’Casey.

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to cook the perfect Dublin Coddle.

Dublin Coddle recipe

What you will need
Beef or chicken stock

Here is a video from YouTube chef gallaghersboxty showing you how to make the perfect Dublin Coddle.

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