How to make Baileys filled chocolates

Chocolate is without doubt one of the world’s most loved sweets.

It comes in so many different forms – cakes, bars, drinks and ice creams to name a few – and is loved by adults and children alike. It is always a great treat for kids and is even seen as a romantic gift between adults.

How to make Baileys filled chocolates

Our love of chocolate runs so deep that many different countries across the world have got creative and developed their own signature ways of preparing it that is unique to them.

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The Belgians and the Swiss are particularly famous for the quality of their chocolate.

However, the Irish have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Elsewhere on Ireland Calling we have seen recipes such as the Guinness chocolate mousse, Guinness chocolate cake and many more – see the bottom of the page for more Irish chocolate recipes

Another great was to give chocolate a certain ‘Irish’ quality is to make it with Bailey’s cream.

Not only is Baileys a sweet and creamy drink but it has also become synonymous with Ireland and a liquor of choice for people across the world.

A great video from Itialian chef Viviana Romano shows just how simple it is to make a delicious batch of Baileys filled chocolates

Baileys filled chocolates recipe
Ingredients (30 chocolates):
8.5 oz (240 g) fondant chocolate
8 spoons cream
0.3 US cups (80 ml) Baileys
Take a look at the video below.

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