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How to make a classic Irish stew

Irish stew has been a firm favourite in households around Ireland and across the world for hundreds of years.

It tastes great and goes a long way towards your ‘five a day’ fruit and veg recommendation.

Classic Irish recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

It is also relatively simple to make. There are countless variations of ingredients for an Irish stew, virtually one per household!

However, the key ingredients for a classic stew are lamb, potatoes, carrots, onions and celery.

Be sure to use a tender shoulder of lamb for the best taste possible.

Fans of the Irish stew may also like its British cousin. In Britain the stew is made with beef rather than lamb and tastes (almost) as good.

Irish stew recipe

What you will need

Rape seed oil/olive oil
Celery/leeks/parsnips/swedes/turnips/peas/whatever veg you fancy
Beef stock
Bay leaves

Take a look at this great video from Donal Skehan on the Jamie Oliver FoodTube channel.

Another classic Irish stew from Allrecipies YouTube channel.

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