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Irish Names

Some of the most popular surnames in Ireland have histories that go back hundreds, even thousands of years.

Several originated from the ancient Irish clans that ruled various parts of the country over the centuries.

History of Irish Names

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Many have a prefix of either ‘Mac’ or ‘O’. Names with a prefix of ‘Mac’ means ‘son of’ while the ‘O’ prefix’ means ‘grandson of’ or ‘descendent of’.

For example, a person with the surname O’Neill would be a descendent of Neill – or most likely Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Most names have several variations in spelling. This is because for centuries the names existed solely as spoken words, there was no reason to figure out any particular spelling.

When names needed to be written down for tax records, there were often numerous interpretations of the spellings. In some cases the interpretations were so different that two surnames from the same family line could appear to be totally unrelated.

Names became Anglicised

After the Cromwellian invasion of the 16th century, many people in Ireland dropped the prefixes as it became extremely difficult to find work if you had an Irish sounding name under British rule.

Dropping the prefix and altering the spelling to a more intuitive English language spelling is how many of the old Irish names continued to develop into what they are today.

Following the 1798 Rebellion, there was a surge of patriotism among the Irish and many families reinstated the ‘Mac’ or ‘O’ prefixes to assert their national pride.

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In this section we tell the stories of some of the most common names in Ireland.

Irish names – A

Ahearn – Aherne, Ahern, O’hEachthighearna
Ahearne – Ahern, Hearn, O’hEachthighearna
Ahern – Ahearn, Aherne, O’hEachthighearna
Aherne – Aheron, Hearne, O’hEachthighearna
Aheron – Hearn, Ahearne, O’hEachthighearna

Irish names – B

Barrie – Barrymore, Berry, O’Beargha
Barry – Barryroes, Berry, O’Beargha
Barrymore – Berry, Dubarry, O’Beargha
Barryroes – Barrie, Barry, O’Beargha
Belami – Belamy, Bell, MacGiolla Mhaoil
Belamy – Belami, Belle, MacGiolla Mhaoil
Bell – Belle, Bellamy, MacGiolla Mhaoil
Bellamy – Bell, Belle, MacGiolla Mhaoil
Belle – Bellamy, Bell, MacGiolla Mhaoil
Berry – De Barry, Barrymore, O’Beargha
Black – Blake, Blakely
Blake – Black, Blakely
Blakely – Black, Blake
Boal – Boyall, O’Boyle, O’Baoghill
Bolan – Boland, Bolland, Boylan
Boland – Bolan, Bolland, Boylan
Bolland – Bolan, Boland, Boylan
Bourke – Burk, Burke, Burgh, Burgo, De Burgh
Boyall – O’Boyle, Boyle, O’Baoghill
Boyle – Boyles, Boal, O’Baoghill
Boyles – Boyall, O’Boyle, O’Baoghill
Brady – Brody, Broady, Brodie, Mac Bradaigh
Brannagh – Walsh, Breathnach
Brennan – Brennon, O’Braonain, MacBranan
Brennon – Brennan, O’Braonain, MacBranan
Broady – Brady, Broady, Brodie, Mac Bradaigh
Brodie – Brady, Broady, Brody, Mac Bradaigh
Brody – Brady, Brody, Brodie, Mac Bradaigh
Briley – O’Reilly Ó Raghailligh, Rily, Brily
Brily – O’Reilly Ó Raghailligh, Rily, Briley
Brown – Browne
Browne – Brown
Bucklee – Buckley, Buckleigh
Buckleigh – Buckley, Bucklee
Buckley – Bucklee, Buckleigh
Burgh – Burk, Burke, Bourke, Burgo, De Burgh
Burk – Burke, Burgh, Bourke, Burgo, De Burgh
Burke – Burk, Burgh, Bourke, Burgo, De Burgh
Burnes – Burnis, Burness, Burns
Burness – Burns, Burnis, Burnes
Burnis – Burns, Burnes, Burness
Burns – Burnes, Burness, Burnis
Byrne – O’Byrne, Ó Broin

Irish names – C

Callaghan – O’Callahan, Keelaghan, O’Ceallachain
Callagher – Gallacher, Gallagher, O’Gallchobhair
Callahan – O’Callaghan, Kelaghan, O’Ceallachain
Campbell – MacCawill, McCaul, MacCall, Caulfield
Carroll – O’Carroll, Cearbhaill
Cartan – Curtin, McCurtin, MacCuirtin
Cartin – Curtain, McCurtin, MacCuirtin
Carton – Curtayne, O’Curtin, MacCuirtin
Casey – O’Casey, O’Cathasaigh, MacCathasaigh
Cassidy – O’Cassidy, O’Caiside
Cauley – MacAulay, McColley, MacAmhalghaidh
Caulfield – MacCawill, McCaul, MacCall, Campbell
Cavan – Kavanagh, Cavanaugh, Caomhanach
Cavanagh – Caven, Kavanaugh, Caomhanach
Cavanaugh – Kavanaugh, Cavan, Caomhanach
Caven – Cavanaugh, Kavanagh, Caomhanach
Cawley – McCauley, Magawley, MacAmhalghaidh
Clark – Clarke, Clerk, Clerke
Clarke – Clark, Clerk, Clerke
Clearie – McCleery, O’Clery, Cleirigh
Cleary – Clery, McCleary, Cleirigh
Clerk – Clark, Clarke, Clerke
Clerke – Clark, Clarke, Clerk
Clery – O’Cleary, Cleary, Cleirigh
Cloan – MacCluin, Clooney, MacClune
Cloane – O’Cloney, Clune, MacClune
Clonee – Clooney, Clowney, MacClune
Cloney – O’Cloney, Cloan, MacClune
Clooney – Clowney, Cloane, MacClune
Clowney – Clonee, O’Cloney, MacClune
Clune – Clooney, Cloney, MacClune
Coling – Colling, Collins, Collis, O’Coileain
Colis – Collings, Collins, Collis, O’Coileain
Collen – Colling, Collins, Collens, Collis, O’Coileain
Colling – Coling, Collins, Collen, Collis, O’Coileain
Collins – Colling, Collens, Collis, O’Coileain
Collis – Colling, Collins, Colis, O’Coileain
Connel – O’Connel, O’Connell, O’Conaill
Connerry – Conroy, Mulconry, MacConraoi
Connery – O’Mulconry, Conry, MacConraoi
Connolly – O’Conghaile, O’Coingheallaigh
Conroy – Connery, O’Mulconroy, MacConraoi
Conry – Mulconry, Connerry, MacConraoi
Convill – McConville, Conwell, Mac Conmhaoil
Conville – Conwell, Conville, Mac Conmhaoil
Convilles – Conwells, MacConwell, Mac Conmhaoil
Conwell – McConville, MacConville, Mac Conmhaoil
Conwells – MacConwell, McConville, Mac Conmhaoil
Cooihan – Coonifer, Coonan, O’Cuana
Coomey – Coonie, Cuana, O’Cuana
Coona – Coonihan, O’Cooney, O’Cuana
Coonahan – O‘Cuanaic, Cooihan, O’Cuana
Coonan – Cooney, Coumey, O’Cuana
Cooney – Coumey, Cooihan, O’Cuana
Coonie – O’Conney, Coona, O’Cuana
Coonifer – Coonahan, O’Cuanaich, O’Cuana
Coonihan – Cuana, Cooney, O’Cuana
Coony – Coomey, O‘Cuanaic, O’Cuana
Cormac – McComock, McKomock, Mac Cormaic
Cormach – McCarmike, McArmick, Mac Cormaic
Cormack – Cramick, M’Kornok, Mac Cormaic
Cormich – McCornick, MacCormack, Mac Cormaic
Cormiche – M’Kemok, McComok, Mac Cormaic
Cornick – Cormach, McArmick, Mac Cormaic
Coumey – Coonan, Cooihan, O’Cuana
Cramick – M’Kornok, Cormack, Mac Cormaic
Cuana – Coonifer, Coonie, O’Cuana
Culhoun – Cullen, O’Cullinane, O’Cuilleannain
Cullen – Cullion, Quillinane, O’Cuilleannain
Cullinan – MacCullen, Culhoun, O’Cuilleannain
Cullinane – Quillinane, Cullen, O’Cuilleannain
Cullion – Culhoun, Cullen, O’Cuilleannain
Curtain – Curtayne, O’Curtin, MacCuirtin
Curtayne – Cartin, McCurtin, MacCuirtin
Curtin – MacCurtin, Carton, MacCuirtin
Cusack – Kusick, Cuseick, de Cussac
Cuseck – Cussack, Kewzick, de Cussac
Cuseick – Cusack, Cusick, de Cussac
Cusick – Cuseick, Kusick, de Cussac
Cussack – Cuseck, Cusick, de Cussac

Irish names – D

Daddow – Delany, Daunay, Ó Dubhsláine
Daley – Daly, Ó Dálaigh
Daly – Daley, Ó Dálaigh
Dando – Dawney, Deleaney, Ó Dubhsláine
Darcey – d’Arcy, Darcy
d’Arcy – Darcey, Darcy
Darcy – Darcey, d’Arcy
Daunay – Delaney, Daddow, Ó Dubhsláine
Dauney – Delany, Dando, Ó Dubhsláine
Davison – McDaid, McDavid, MacDaibheid
Dawley – Ó Dálaigh
Dawnay – Delany, Daunay, Ó Dubhsláine
Dawney – Daddow, Deleaney, Ó Dubhsláine
D’Duffie – Duffy, Duff, Dowie, MacDuff, McPhee
De Barry – Barrie, Barryroes, O’Beargha
De Burgh – Burk, Burke, Burke, Bourke, Burgo
Delaney – Dando, Dawney, Ó Dubhsláine
Delany – Daddow, Daunay, Ó Dubhsláine
Deleaney – Dawnay, Dando, Ó Dubhsláine
Delion – Dillan, Dilon, O’Duilleain
Dempsay – Dempsey, Dempsie, Ó Diomasaigh
Dempsey – Dempsy, O’Dempsey, Ó Diomasaigh
Dempsie – O’Dempsey, Dempsay, Ó Diomasaigh
Dempsy – Dempsay, Dempsey, Ó Diomasaigh
Dermott – MacDermot, McDermott, MacDiarmuid
Dillan – Dillon, Dilune, O’Duilleain
Dillen – Delion, Dilon, O’Duilleain
Dillon – Dilune, Dillan, O’Duilleain
Dilon – Dillen, Delion, O’Duilleain
Dilune – Dillan, Dillon, O’Duilleain
Docherty – O’Doherty, Doherty, O Dochartaigh
Doherty – O’Doherty, Docherty, O Dochartaigh
Dolan – Dowling
Donaghue – O’Donaughue, Donoghue, O Donnchadha
Donaghy – Donahugh, O’Donaughue, O Donnchadha
Donavan – Donnovin, O’Donovan, O Donnabhain
Donevan – O’Donnavon, Donovan, O Donnabhain
Donevane – O’Donavan, Donavan, O Donnabhain
Donighue – O’Donahugh, Donohough, O Donnchadha
Donnavon – Donevan, O’Donevane, O Donnabhain
Donnel – MacDonald, MacDonell, MacDhomhnuill
Donnell – McDonnell, MacDonnell, MacDhomhnuill
Donnovin – O’Donevan, Donnovin, O Donnabhain
Donoghue – Donaughue, O’Donohough, O Donnchadha
Donoho – O’Donoghue, Donoghough, O Donnchadha
Donohough – O’Donahugh, Donaghie, O Donnchadha
Donohow – Donehue, O’Donoughe, O Donnchadha
Donough – O’Doneghoe, Donahugh, O Donnchadha
Donoughe – Donoho, O’Donaghy, O Donnchadha
Donovan – Donevane, O’Donnavon, O Donnabhain
Dowie – Duffy, Duff, O’Duhig, MacDuff, McFee
Dowling – Dolan
Doyle – Ó Dubhghaill
Drouke – McRoric, Rourke, O’Ruairc
Dubarry – Berry, Barrie, O’Beargha
Duff – Duffy, MacDuffie, Dowie, MacDuff, McPhee
Duffie – Duffy, Duff, Dowie, MacDuff, McPhee
Duffy – McFee, Duff, Dowie, MacDuff, McPhee
Dunn – Dunne, O’Duinn
Dunne – Dunn, O’Duinn
Dwyer – O’Dwyer, Ó Dubhuir

Irish names – E-F

Eagan – Egan, Keegan, Mac Aodhagái
Egan – Keigan, McKagan , Mac Aodhagái
Farel – Farrelli, Ferrel, O’Fearghail
Farell – O’Ferrel, Farley, O’Fearghail
Farelly – Ferrel, O’Farrill, O’Fearghail
Farely – Farrelly, O’Ferrel, O’Fearghail
Farley – O’Fawley, Feral, O’Fearghail
Farrel – Ferell, Farley, O’Fearghail
Farrell – Fawley, Farrill, O’Fearghail
Farrelli – O’Farley, Ferali, O’Fearghail
Farrelly – Farrell, Ferraly, O’Fearghail
Farrely – Ferrel, O’Fawley, O’Fearghail
Farrill – O’Ferel, Farley, O’Fearghail
Fearghail – Frawley, Farrely, O’Fearghail
Felan – Welan, Phelan, O’Faolain
Feolande – Whelan, Hyland, O’Faolain
Feral – O’Farrell, Frawley, O’Fearghail
Ferall – Farrely, O’Farrell, O’Fearghail
Ferally – O’Farel, Ferrill, O’Fearghail
Feraly – O’Farrell, Farrelli, O’Fearghail
Ferral – Fawley, O’Farrell, O’Fearghail
Ferrall – O’Farley, O’Frawley, O’Fearghail
Ferraly – Farrell, O’Ferrel, O’Fearghail
Ferrel – O’Farrill, Ferraly, O’Fearghail
Ferrell – Farely, Farrill, O’Fearghail
Ferrelly – O’Fawley, Farrily, O’Fearghail
Ferrill – O’Farrelli, Ferel, O’Fearghail
Ferrilly – O’Farrelli, Ferel, O’Fearghail
Fitzgerald – FitzGerald
FitzGerald – Fitzgerald
Fitzpatrick – FitzPatrick
FitzPatrick – Fitzpatrick
Flaherty – O’Flaherty, Laverty, O’Flaithbheartaigh
Flanagan – Flanaghan, Flannagan
Flanaghan – Flanagan, Flannagan
Flannagan – Flanagan, Flanaghan
Flood – MacCantully, Tully, O’Taithlagh
Flynn – O’Floinn
Foley – Ó Foghlú
Frawley – O’Farrell, Ferrel, O’Fearghail
Fyland – Felan, Wheelan, O’Faolain

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Irish names – G-I

Gallacher – Gallagher, Callacher, O’Gallchobhair
Gallagher – Gallacher, Callacher, O’Gallchobhair
Gawley – McCowley, McAuliffe, MacAmhalghaidh
Gilmartin – Martyn, Martin, Mac Giolla Mhártain
Gormley – Graeme, Graham, Grehan
Gowan – McGawn, O’ Gowan, Mac Gabhann
Gowen – Magowan, Gowan, Mac Gabhann
Graeme – Graham, Gormley, Grehan
Grady – Gready, O’Grady, O’Gradaigh
Graham – Graeme, Gormley, Grehan
Gready – O’Grady, O’Grada, O’Gradaigh
Grehan – Graeme, Gormley, Graham
Griffin – Griffiths, McGriffin, O’Griffin
Griffiths – Griffin, McGriffin, O’Griffin
Groarke – O’Rorke, McRoric, O’Ruairc
Grorke – Roarke, Drouke, O’Ruairc
Guinness – Magennis, McGuinness
Hagan – Hogan, O’Hagan, O’Hogan
Haily – Haly, Haley, Healy, Healey, Hely, O’Healey, O’Haly, Heal
Haley – Haly, Healy, Haily, Healey, Hely, O’Healey, O’Haly, Heal
Haly – Healy, Haley, Haily, Healey, Hely, O’Healey, O’Haly, Heal
Hanlon – O’Hanlon
Hannigan – O’Hannigan
Haugh – Hough, Keogh, MacEochaidh
Haughey – Kehoe, O’Hoey, MacEochaidh
Hay – Hayes, O’Hea, O hAodha
Haye – Hughes, Hease, O hAodha
Hayes – O’Hea, Haye, O hAodha
Hea – Heyse, Hay, O hAodha
Heal – Haly, Haley, Haily, Healey, Healy, O’Healey, O’Haly, Healy
Healey – Haly, Haley, Haily, Healy, Hely, O’Healey, O’Haly, Heal
Healy – Haly, Haley, Haily, Healey, Hely, O’Healey, O’Haly, Heal
Hearn – Aherne, Aheron, O’hEachthighearna
Hearne – Ahern, Hearn, O’hEachthighearna
Hease – Hughes, Hayes, O hAodha
Hely – Haly, Haley, Haily, Healey, Healy, O’Healey, O’Haly, Heal
Heyse – Hay, O’Hea, O hAodha
Higgens – Higgins. O’Higgins
Higgins – Higgens. O’Higgins
Hoey – Keough, Kew, MacEochaidh
Hogan – Hagan, O’Hagan, O’Hogan
Hough – MacKeogh, Kehoe, MacEochaidh
Hoy – Keyhoe, Kew, MacEochaidh
Hughes – Hayes, Heyse, O hAodha
Hyland – Phelan, Weallan, O’Faolain

Irish names – J-K

Johnston – Johnstone
Johnstone – Johnston
Kane – Keene, O’Keen, O’Cathain
Kavanagh – Cavan, Cavanaugh, Caomhanach
Kavanaugh – Cavanagh, Caven, Caomhanach
Keagan – Kegan, MacEgan, Mac Aodhagái
Kealahan – O’Callaghan, Kelaghan, O’Ceallachain
Kean – O’Kane, Keen, O’Cathain
Keane – O’Kean, O’Kane, O’Cathain
Kearney – O’Catharnaigh, O’Cearnaigh.
Keefe – O’Keeffe, O’Keiffe, O’Caomh
Keeffe – Keiffe, O’Keefe, O’Caomh
Keegan – McKagan, Egan, Mac Aodhagái
Keelaghan – Callaghan, Kealahan, O’Ceallachain
Keen – Keane, Kane, O’Cathain
Keene – Kean, O’Kane, O’Cathain
Kegan – McKiegan, Eagan, Mac Aodhagái
Kehoe – O’Hoey, Haugh, MacEochaidh
Keiffe – O’Keefe, Keeffe, O’Caomh
Keigan – Keegan, McKagan, Mac Aodhagái
Kelaghan – O’Callahan, Keelaghan, O’Ceallachain
Kelly – O’Kelly, Ó Ceallaigh
Kenna – McKenna, McKenney, MacCionaoith
Kennedy – O’Cinneide
Keogh – Haugh, O’Hoy, MacEochaidh
Keough – Hoey, Keyho, MacEochaidh
Kermode – McDermot, MacDermott, MacDiarmuid
Kernon – MacTiernan, Tierney, Tighearnaigh
Kew – MacKeogh, Kehoe, MacEochaidh
Kewzick – Cuseick, Cusack, de Cussac
Keyho – O’Hoey, Keough, MacEochaidh
Keyhoe – Kehoe, O’Hoey, MacEochaidh
Kiernan – Tierney, McKernon, Tighearnaigh
King – Conroy, Ó’Cionga
Kusick – Cusack, Cuseck, de Cussac

Irish names – L

Lacey – Lassy, Lacy, de Lacy
Lacy – Lacye, Lacey, de Lacy
Lacye – Lacy, Lassy, de Lacy
Lane – Leon, Lyons, O’Laighin
Lary – O’Leary, Laury, O’Laoghaire
Lassy – Lacey, Lacye, de Lacy
Laury – Leary, O’Laoire, O’Laoghaire
Laverty – Flaherty, O’Laverty, O’Flaithbheartaigh
Learey – O’Laohaire, Lary, O’Laoghaire
Leary – Laury, O’Leary, O’Laoghaire
Leon – Lion, Lyne, O’Laighin
Linch – Lynch, Linskey, Lindsay, O’Loignsigh
Lindsay – Lynch, Linch, Linskey, O’Loignsigh
Linskey – Linch, Lynch, Lindsay, O’Loignsigh
Lion – Lane, Lyons, O’Laighin
Lions – Lyne, Leon, O’Laighin
Lynch – Linch, Linskey, Lindsay, O’Loignsigh
Lyne – Lion, Lane, O’Laighin
Lyon – Leon, Lyons, O’Laighin
Lyons – Lion, Lane, O’Laighin

Irish names – M

MacAbe – McAbe, MacCabe, Mac Caba
MacAleese – MacLese, MacLise, McAleese
Macanward – MacEvard, Ward, Mac an Bhaird
MacAteer – MacIntyre, McInteer, Mac an t-Saoir
MacAtilla – MacTully, Tilly, O’Taithlagh
MacAulay – McCullough, O’Cally, MacAmhalghaidh
MacAuley – McCully, Cawley, MacAmhalghaidh
MacAward – Ward, M’Ward, Mac an Bhaird
MacCabe – McCabe, McAbe, Mac Caba
MacCall – McCaul, MacCawill, Campbell, Caulfield
MacCantully – O’Multilly, Tully, O’Taithlagh
MacCarthy – McCarthy, McCarty, MacCarthaigh
MacCaul – McCall, MacCawill, Campbell, Caulfield
MacCawill – McCaul, MacCall, Campbell, Caulfield
MacCleary – Clearie, McCleery, Cleirigh
MacClery – O’Clery, Cleary, Cleirigh
MacCluin – Clooney, Clowney, MacClune
MacClune – Clonee, Cloan, O’Cloney
MacConvill – Convilles, McConvill, Mac Conmhaoil
MacConville – MacConwell, Conwell, Mac Conmhaoil
MacConwell – Convill, MacConwell, Mac Conmhaoil
MacCormack – Makarmik, Cormiche, Mac Cormaic
MacCormick – McKermick, M’Kornok, Mac Cormaic
MacCullen – Cullion, Culhoun, O’Cuilleannain
MacCurtin – Cartan, O’Curtin, MacCuirtin
MacDavitt – McDade, McDevitt, MacDaibheid
MacDermot – McDermott, Dermott, MacDiarmuid
MacDermott – Kermode, McDermot, MacDiarmuid
MacDonald – MacDonnell, Donnel, MacDhomhnuill
MacDonnel – Donnell, McDonnel, MacDhomhnuill
MacDonnell – McDonald, MacDonnel, MacDhomhnuill
MacDoual – McDougal, MacDowall, MacDubhghaill
MacDougal – McDool, McDugald, MacDubhghaill
MacDowal – McDuall, McDowell, MacDubhghaill
MacDowall – MacDoual, McCool, MacDubhghaill
MacDowell – McDill, MacDougal, MacDubhghaill
MacDuff – McFee, Duff, Dowie, Duffie, McPhee
MacEgan – Keigan, Keagan, Mac Aodhagái
Macenna – McKenna, McKinney, MacCionaoith
MacEvard – Macanward, Ward, Mac an Bhaird
MacEward – Ward, McWard, Mac an Bhaird
MacFadden – McFadden
MacGee – Moggy, McGahy, MagAoidh
MacGhee – McGoey, Magee, MagAoidh
MacGhie – McGhee, Moggie, MagAoidh
MacGowan – McGawn, Gowen, Mac Gabhann
MacGowen – McGowen, McGavin, Mac Gabhann
MacGrath – McGrath, McGraith
MacGuire – Maguire, McGuire, MagUidhir
MacInteer – MacAteer, MacIntyre, Mac an t-Saoir
MacIntyre – McAteer, McIntyre, Mac an t-Saoir
MacKenna – Mackinna, McKenney, MacCionaoith
MacKeogh – O’Hoy, Kehoe, MacEochaidh
MacKernon – O’Tierney, Kiernan, Tighearnaigh
MacKeirnan – Kernon, Tierney, Tighearnaigh
MacKinna – Mikenna, McKenna, MacCionaoith
MacKinney – Kenna, McKenney, MacCionaoith
MacLaughlin – McLoughlin, MacLoughlin, O’Maoilsheachlann
MacLese – MacAleese, MacLise, McAleese
MacLise – MacAleese, MacLese, McAleese
MacLoughlin – McLoughlin, MacLaughlin, O’Maoilsheachlann
MacMahan – Mann, Maughan, MacMahuna
MacMahon – Mahoney, Vaughan MacMahuna
MacMann – McMahon, Vaughan MacMahuna
MacMurray – Murray, Morrow, Mac giolla Mhuire
MacNamara – McNamara, MacConmara
Macquire – Maguire, McGuire, MagUidhir
MacSweeney – Sweeney, Sweeny, MacSweeny
MacSweeny – Sweeney, Sweeny, MacSweeney
MacTiernan – Tiernaney, Kiernan, Tighearnaigh
MacTierney – McKernon, Tearny, Tighearnaigh
MacTilly – Flood, O’Multully, O’Taithlagh
MacTully – Tally, Talty, O’Taithlagh
Magawley – McGauley, Gawley, MacAmhalghaidh
Magee – Mogey, McGhee, MagAoidh
Magennis – Guinness, McGuinness
Maghan – Mann, Maughan, MacMahuna
Magowan – Gowan, McGowen, Mac Gabhann
Maguire – Macquire, MacGuire, MagUidhir
Maher – Meagar, Mahir, O’Meachair
Mahir – Marr, O’Maher, O’Meachair
Mahon – MacMann, Vaughan MacMahuna
Mahoney – MacMahon, McMann, MacMahuna
Mailey – Melly, O’Melia, O’Maoileoin
Makarmik – Cormich, McKomock, Mac Cormaic
Makenna – Macenna, MacKenna, MacCionaoith
Malia – Meally, O’Melley, O’Maoileoin
Malley – O’Malley, Malia, O’Maoileoin
Malone – O’Maoileoin
Maloney – Malony, Moloney, Maoldhamhnaigh
Malony – Maloney, Moloney, Maoldhamhnaigh
Mann – MacMahon, Vaughan, MacMahuna
Marr – O’Meagher, Maher, O’Meachair
Martin – Gilmartin, Martyn, Mac Giolla Mhártain
Martyn – Martin, Gilmartin, Mac Giolla Mhártain
Maughan – McMahon, Mahoney, MacMahuna
McAbe – MacAbe, McCabe, Mac Caba
MacAleese – MacLese, MacLise, McAleese
McAleese – MacAleese, MacLese, MacLise
McArmick – McComok, McCormack, Mac Cormaic
McAteer – McInteer, MacIntyre, Mac an t-Saoir
McAuliffe – McCowley, McGauley, MacAmhalghaidh
McCabe – MacCabe, MacAbe, Mac Caba
McCarmick – MacCormick, M’Kemok, Mac Cormaic
McCarmike – Cramick, McKermick, Mac Cormaic
McCarthy – MacCarthy, McCarty, MacCarthaigh
McCarty – MacCarthy, McCarthy, MacCarthaigh
McCauley – McColly, McCullough, MacAmhalghaidh
McCawley – MacAulay, Magawley, MacAmhalghaidh
McClary – McClary, McCleery, Clery, Cleirigh
McCleary – McClary, McCleery, Clery, Cleirigh
McCleery – McClary, O’Cleary, Clearie, Cleirigh
McClery – McClary, Cleary, MacCleary, Cleirigh
McColley – McCully, Cauley, MacAmhalghaidh
McComock – MacCormick, Makarmik, Mac Cormaic
McComok – Cramick, Cormack, Mac Cormaic
McConigal – McConville, MacConvill, Mac Conmhaoil
McConvill – Conwell, Convilles, Mac Conmhaoil
McConville – Conwell, Convilles, Mac Conmhaoil
McConwel – MacConvill, Conville, Mac Conmhaoil
McConwell – McConville, Conwell, Mac Conmhaoil
McCool – MacDowell, MacDoual, MacDubhghaill
McCooley – Gawley, O’Cally, MacAmhalghaidh
McCormack – McKomock, Cormiche, Mac Cormaic
McCormick – Cormack, M’Kornok, Mac Cormaic
McCornick – McComock, MacCormack, Mac Cormaic
McCowley – Magawley, MacAuley, MacAmhalghaidh
McCullough – McCowley, McAuliffe, MacAmhalghaidh
McCully – McCooley, MacAuley, MacAmhalghaidh
McCurtin – Curtayne, Cartin, MacCuirtin
McDade – McDaid, Davison, MacDaibheid
McDaid – Davison, MacDavitt, MacDaibheid
McDavid – McDevitt, McDade, MacDaibheid
McDermot – McDermot, Kermode, MacDiarmuid
McDermott – Dermott, McDermott, MacDiarmuid
McDevitt – McDaid, Davison, MacDaibheid
McDill – McDuall, MacDowal, MacDubhghaill
McDonald – Donnel, MacDonnell, MacDhomhnuill
McDonnel – Donnell, MacDonnel, MacDhomhnuill
McDonnell – MacDonald, McDonnel, MacDhomhnuill
McDool – McCool, McDugald, MacDubhghaill
McDougal – McDill, MacDowall, MacDubhghaill
McDowell – McDugald, MacDoual, MacDubhghaill
McDuall – McDool, MacDowell, MacDubhghaill
McDugald – MacDougal, McCool, MacDubhghaill
McFadden – MacFadden
McFee – Duffy, MacDuff, Dowie, Duffie, McPhee
McGahy – MacGhee, Mogey, MagAoidh
McGauley – Cauley, McColley, MacAmhalghaidh
McGavin – MacGowen, O’Gaven, Mac Gabhann
McGawn – O’Gowan, MacGowan, Mac Gabhann
McGawne – McGowen, Magowan, Mac Gabhann
McGee – Magee, MacGhie, MagAoidh
McGhee – McGahy, McGoey, MagAoidh
McGoey – Moggie, MacGhee, MagAoidh
McGonigal – Conville, McConville, Mac Conmhaoil
McGonigle – McConville, Conwells, Mac Conmhaoil
McGowan – Gowen, O’Gavin, Mac Gabhann
McGowen – McGawne, MacGowan, Mac Gabhann
McGrath – MacGrath, McGraith
McGraith – MacGrath, McGrath
McGriffin – Griffin, Griffiths, O’Griffin
McGuinness – Guinness, Magennis
McGuire – Maguire, Macquire, MagUidhir
McInteer – McIntyre, MacAteer, Mac an t-Saoir
McIntyre – McAteer, MacInteer, Mac an t-Saoir
McKagan – Egan, Kegan, Mac Aodhagái
McKenna – Mackinna, Makenna, MacCionaoith
McKenney – McKinney, Kenna, MacCionaoith
McKermick – McArmick, McComok, Mac Cormaic
McKiegan – Keegan, Eagan, Mac Aodhagái
McKinney – MacKenna, Mackinna, MacCionaoith
McKomock – Cormich, McCarmick, Mac Cormaic
McLoughlin – MacLoughlin, MacLaughlin, O’Maoilsheachlann
McMahon – Mahon, Mann, MacMahuna
McNamara – MacNamara, MacConmara
McPhee – Duffy, MacDuff, Dowie, Duffie, O’Duhig
McRoarke – O’Rourke, Rouark, O’Ruairc
McRoric – Rourke, Roark, O’Ruairc
McRourke – Roarke, Grorke, O’Ruairc
McWard – MacEward, Ward, Mac an Bhaird
Meagar – O’Meagher, Mahir, O’Meachair
Meagher – Maher, O’Meagar, O’Meachair
Meally – Melley, O’Malley, O’Maoileoin
Melia – Melly, O’Malia, O’Maoileoin
Melley – O’Mailey, Meally, O’Maoileoin
Melly – Malley, O’Melia, O’Maoileoin
Mikenna – McKenney, McKenna, MacCionaoith
M’Kemok – MacCormick, McComock, Mac Cormaic
M’Kornok – McCarmike, Cormack, Mac Cormaic
Mogey – MacGhie, MacGee, MagAoidh
Moggie – McGoey, Magee, MagAoidh
Moggy – McGee, McGahy, MagAoidh
Moloney – Maloney, Malony, Molony
Molony – Maloney, Malony, Moloney
Moor – Ó Mordha
Moore – Ó Mordha
Morahan – Murrin, O’Moran, O’Morain
Moran – Murran, Morrin, O’Morain
Morrin – Morahan, Murran, O’Morain
Morrow – MacMurray, Murray, Mac giolla Mhuire
MulConroy – Conry, Connery, MacConraoi
MulConry – O’Mulconroy, Conroy, MacConraoi
Mullan – Mullen, Mullin, Mullins
Mullen – Mullan, Mullin, Mullins
Mullin – Mullan, Mullen, Mullins
Mullins – Mullan, Mullen, Mullin
Murphy – Ó Morchoe
Murran – Moran, Morrin, O’Morain
Murray – MacMurray, Morrow, Mac giolla Mhuire
Murrin – O’Moran, Morahan, O’Morain
M’Ward – Ward, MacAward, Mac an Bhaird

Irish names – N-O

Neill – O’Neal, O’Neill, Ó Néill
Neugent – Newgent, Nogent, Nugent
Newgent – Neugent, Nogent, Nugent
Nogent – Neugent, Newgent, Nugent
Nolan – O’Nolan, Noland, Nolin
Noland – Nolan, O’Nolan, Nolin
Nolin – Nolan, O’Nolan, Noland
Nugent – Neugent, Newgent, Nogent
O’Boyle – Boyall, Boyle, O’Baoghill
O’Briain – O’Bryan, Ó Brien
O’Brien – O’Bryan, Ó Briain
O’Bryan – O’Brien, Ó Briain
O’Byrne – Byrne, Ó Broin
O’Callaghan – Callahan, Kealahan, O’Ceallachain
O’Callahan – Callaghan, Keelaghan, O’Ceallachain
O’Cally – McCooley, MacAuley, MacAmhalghaidh
O’Carroll – Carroll, Cearbhaill
O’Casey – Casey, O’Cathasaigh, MacCathasaigh
O’Cassidy – Cassidy, O’Caiside
O’Cleary – McCleery, Clery, Cleirigh
O’Clery – Cleary, Clearie, Cleirigh
O’Cloney – MacCluin, Cloane, MacClune
O’Cooney – Coomey, Coonan, O’Cuana
O’Connel – O’Connell, Connel, O’Conaill
O’Connell – O’Connel, Connel, O’Conaill
O’Conney – Cuana, Coonifer, O’Cuana
O’Connor – Ó Conchobhair
O‘Cuanaicand – Coonahan, Cooney, O’Cuana
O’Cuanaich – Coona, Coumey, O’Cuana
O’Cullinane – Cullen, Cullion, O’Cuilleannain
O’Cullen – Cullinan, Quillinane, O’Cuilleannain
O’Curtin – Carton, Curtain, MacCuirtin
O’Daley – Ó Dálaigh
O’Dempsey – Dempsie, Dempsy, Ó Diomasaigh
O’Doherty – Doherty, Docherty, O Dochartaigh
O’Donaghue – Donaughue, O’Donoghue, O Donnchadha
O’Donaghy – O’Donahugh, Donaughue, O Donnchadha
O’Donavan – O’Donnovin, Donovan, O Donnabhain
O’Donevan – Donnavon, O’Donovan, O Donnabhain
O’Donevane – Donavan, O’Donavan, O Donnabhain
O’Donighue – Donahugh, O’Donohough, O Donnchadha
O’Donnavon – O’Donevan, Donevane, O Donnabhain
O’Donnell – O Domhnall
O’Donnelly – Donnelly, O’Donnghaile
O’Donnovin – Donevan, O’Donnovin, O Donnabhain
O’Donoghue – O’Donaughue, Donohough, O Donnchadha
O’Donoho – Donoghue, O’Donoghough, O Donnchadha
O’Donohough – Donahugh, O’Donaghie, O Donnchadha
O’Donohow – O’Donehue, Donoughe, O Donnchadha
O’Donough – Doneghoe, O’Donahugh, O Donnchadha
O’Donoughe – O’Donoho, Donaghy, O Donnchadha
O’Donovan – O’Donevane, Donnavon, O Donnabhain
O’Duhig – Duffy, MacDuff, Dowie, Duffie, McFee
O’Dwyer – Dwyer, Ó Dubhuir
O’Farel – Farrelli, Ferrel, O’Fearghail
O’Farell – O’Ferrel, Farley, O’Fearghail
O’Farelly – Ferrel, O’Farrill, O’Fearghail
O’Farely – Farrelly, O’Ferrel, O’Fearghail
O’Farley – O’Fawley, Feral, O’Fearghail
O’Farrel – Ferell, Farley, O’Fearghail
O’Farrell – Fawley, Farrill, O’Fearghail
O’Farrelli – O’Farley, Ferali, O’Fearghail
O’Farrelly – Farrell, Ferraly, O’Fearghail
O’Farrely – Ferrel, O’Fawley, O’Fearghail
O’Farrill – O’Ferel, Farley, O’Fearghail
O’Fearghail – Frawley, Farrely, O’Fearghail
O’Feral – O’Farrell, Frawley, O’Fearghail
O’Ferall – Farrely, O’Farrell, O’Fearghail
O’Ferally – O’Farel, Ferrill, O’Fearghail
O’Feraly – O’Farrell, Farrelli, O’Fearghail
O’Ferral – Fawley, O’Farrell, O’Fearghail
O’Ferrall – O’Farley, O’Frawley, O’Fearghail
O’Ferraly – Farrell, O’Ferrel, O’Fearghail
O’Ferrel – O’Farrill, Ferraly, O’Fearghail
O’Ferrell – Farely, Farrill, O’Fearghail
O’Ferrill – O’Farrelli, Ferel, O’Fearghail
O’Flaherty – Flaherty, O’Laverty, O’Flaithbheartaigh
O’Frawley – O’Farrell, Ferrel, O’Fearghail
O’Gaven – McGavin, MacGowen, Mac Gabhann
O’Gavin – McGowan, Gowen, Mac Gabhann
O’Gowan – Magowan, McGawn, Mac Gabhann
O’Gowen – McGowen, Gowan, Mac Gabhann
O’Grada – Gready, Grady, O’Gradaigh
O’Grady – O’Grada, Gready, O’Gradaigh
O’Griffin – Griffin, Griffiths, McGriffin
O’Hagan – Hagan, Hogan, O’Hogan
O’Haly – Haly, Haley, Haily, Healey, Healy, O’Healey, Healy, Heal
O’Hanlon – Hanlon
O’Hannigan – Hannigan
O’Hea – Hughes, Haye, O hAodha
O’Healey – Haly, Haley, Haily, Healy, Hely, Healy, O’Haly, Heal
O’Higgins – Higgens. Higgins
O’Hoey – Haughey, Kew, MacEochaidh
O’Hogan – Hagan, Hogan, O’Hagan
O’Hoy – Kehoe, Hough, MacEochaidh
O’Kane – O’Keene, Kean, O’Cathain
O’Kean – Keane, Kane, O’Cathain
O’Keane – O’Keane, Keene, O’Cathain
O’Keefe – Keeffe, O’Keiffe, O’Caomh
O’Keeffe – O’Keiffe, Keefe, O’Caomh
O’Keen – O’Kean, Keane, O’Cathain
O’Keene – Keen, O’Kane, O’Cathain
O’Keiffe – Keefe, O’Keeffe, O’Caomh
O’Kiernan – McKernon, Tearny, Tighearnaigh
O’Kelly – Kelly, Ó Ceallaigh
O’Laoghaire – Laury, O’Leary
O’Laohaire – Lary, O’Leary, O’Laoghaire
O’Laoire – Leary, O’Laohaire, O’Laoghaire
O’Laverty – O’Flaherty, Laverty, O’Flaithbheartaigh
O’Leary – O’Laoire, Laury, O’Laoghaire
O’Maher – Mahir, Meagher, O’Meachair
O’Mailey – O’Melly, Melia, O’Maoileoin
O’Malia – O’Meally, Melley, O’Maoileoin
O’Malley – Malley, O’Malia, O’Maoileoin
O’Meagher – Maher, O’Meagar, O’Meachair
O’Meally – O’Melley, Malley, O’Maoileoin
O’Melia – O’Melly, Malia, O’Maoileoin
O’Melley – Mailey, O’Meally, O’Maoileoin
O’Melly – O’Malley, Melia, O’Maoileoin
O’Moran – Morrin, Moran, O’Morain
O’MulConroy – Connery, Conry, MacConraoi
O’MulConry – Mulconroy, Connerry, MacConraoi
O’Multilly – Tully, Flood, O’Taithlagh
O’Multully – Talty, MacTilly, O’Taithlagh
O’Neal – O’Neill, Neill, Ó Néill
O’Neill – O’Neal, Neill, Ó Néill
O’Nolan – Nolan, Nolin, Noland
O’Phelane – Whelan, Feolande, O’Faolain
O’Reagan – Reagan, Regan, O’Regan
O’Regan – Reagan, Regan, O’Reagan
O’Reilly – Ó Raghailligh
O’Rooney – Roney, Rooney, Roony
O’Rorke – McRourke, Groarke, O’Ruairc
O’Rourke – Rouark, Drouke, O’Ruairc
O’Sheahan – Sheehan, Sheahan, O’Sheehan
O’Sheehan – Sheehan, Sheahan, O’Sheahan
O’Sheridan – Sheridon, O’Sheridin, O’Sirideain
O’Sheridin – O’Sheridan, Sheridon, O’Sirideain
O’Sheridon – Sheridin, O’Sheridan, O’Sirideain
O’Sullivan – Sullivan, Ó Súilleabháin
O’Tiernan – Tearney, MacKiernan, Tighearnaigh
O’Tierney – MacTierney, Tierny, Tighearnaigh
O’Toole – Toal, Toole, O Tuathal

Irish names – P-R

Phelan – Wealleans, Welan, O’Faolain
Plunket – Plunkett, Plunkit, Plonket
Plunkett – Plunket, Plunkit, Plonket
Plunkit – Plunket, Plunkett, Plonket
Plonket – Plunket, Plunkett, Plunkit
Poore – Power, Powers
Power – Poore, Powers
Powers – Poore, Power
Quillinane – Culhoun, Cullen, O’Cuilleannain
Quinn – O’Cuinn
Reagan – Regan, O’Reagan, O’Regan
Regan – Reagan, O’Reagan, O’Regan
Reilly – O’Reilly Ó Raghailligh, Rily, Riley, Brily, Briley
Riley – O’Reilly Ó Raghailligh, Rily, Brily, Briley
Rily – O’Reilly Ó Raghailligh, Riley, Brily, Briley
Roach – Roche, Roch, Le Roches
Roache – Roches, Roach, Le Roches
Roark – McRoarke, O’Rourke, O’Ruairc
Roarke – O’Rorke, Drouke, O’Ruairc
Roch – Roach, Roche, Le Roches
Roche – Roache, Roches, Le Roches
Roches – Roch, Roache, Le Roches
Roney – O’Rooney, Rooney, Roony
Rooney – O’Rooney, Roney, Roony
Roony – O’Rooney, Roney, Rooney
Rouark – Roark, McRoric, O’Ruairc
Rourke – Grorke, O’Rourke, O’Ruairc
Ryan – Ó Maoilriain

Irish names – S-T

Sennett – Sinnott, Synnot
Sheahan – Sheehan, O’Sheahan, O’Sheehan
Sheehan – Sheahan, O’Sheahan, O’Sheehan
Sheridan – O’Sheridon, Sheridin, O’Sirideain
Sheridin – Sheridan, O’Sheridon, O’Sirideain
Sheridon – O’Sheridin, Sheridan, O’Sirideain
Sinnott – Sennett, Synnot
Smith – Smithe, Smithers, Smyth
Smithe – Smith, Smithers, Smyth
Smithers – Smith, Smithe, Smyth
Smyth – Smith, Smithe, Smithers
Stewart – Stuart, Stigweard
Stuart – Stewart, Stigweard
Sullivan – O’Sullivan, Ó Súilleabháin
Sweeney – Sweeny, MacSweeney, MacSweeny
Sweeny – Sweeney, MacSweeney, MacSweeny
Synnot – Sennett, Sinnott
Tally – O’Multully, Tilly, O’Taithlagh
Talty – Flood, MacAtilla, O’Taithlagh
Terney – O’Kiernan, Teirney, Tighearnaigh
Thomas – Thompson, Thomson, Toms
Thompson – Thomas, Thomson, Toms
Thomson – Thomas, Thompson, Toms
Tiarney – Kiernan, MacTiernan, Tighearnaigh
Tiarny – MacTierney, O’Kiernan, Tighearnaigh
Tiernaney – O’Tiernan, MacTiernan, Tighearnaigh
Tierney – McKernon, Kiernan, Tighearnaigh
Tierny – Kiernan, Kernon, Tighearnaigh
Tilly – Tully, O’Multully, O’Taithlagh
Toal – O’Toole, Toole, O Tuathal
Toms – Thomas, Thompson, Thomson
Toole – Toal, O’Toole, O Tuathal
Tully – MacAtilla, Tally, O’Taithlagh

Irish names – U-Z

Vaughan – McMahon, Mahoney, MacMahuna
Walsh – Brannagh, Breathnach
Ward – M’Ward, MacEward, Mac an Bhaird
Weallan – Phelan, Whalen, O’Faolain
Wealleans – Felan, O’Phelane, O’Faolain
Welan – Whelehan, Fyland, O’Faolain
Whalen – Feolande, Whelan, O’Faolain
Wheelan – Weallan, Phelan, O’Faolain
Whelehan – O’Phelane, Felan, O’Faolain
Whelen – Hyland, Welan, O’Faolain


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