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How to make the perfect Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a favourite winter drink around the world, the perfect way to warm up and relax after a long, hard day.

The mixture of brown sugar, freshly brewed coffee, cream and Irish whiskey combine to produce a silky smooth, refreshing treat.

How to make the perfect Irish Coffee. Image copyright Ireland Calling
However, it is easy to get the preparation of the drink wrong, and not do the classic beverage justice. Many people are unsure of which order the ingredients should be added, and exactly what measures of whiskey and cream are needed.

Irish Coffee recipe

The recipe for making a perfect Irish Coffee is simple, with most people likely to have the ingredients in their homes. All you need is two spoonfuls of brown sugar, one shot of Irish whiskey, coffee and cream. The trick is to pour the cream in the right way, to make sure it doesn’t mix with the coffee and spoil the drink. The knack is to pour the cream on to the back of a spoon so that it spreads across the whole coffee and settles on the top.
Here is a YouTube video from Discover Ireland, in which they ask the manager of a fashionable Dublin bar to demonstrate exactly how to make the perfect Irish Coffee.

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