How to make a Guinness Chocolate Mousse

When people are in the mood to treat themselves they might sit down and relax with a tasty Guinness or three.

Did you know it can be made even tastier? The famous Irish drink is used in countless recipes both savoury and sweet.

Guinness Chocolate Mousse recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

A Guinness chocolate mousse, for example, is a delicious treat for any chocolate lovers who fancy an Irish themed dessert.

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As with all mousses, or desserts for that matter, the Guinness chocolate mousse can countless variations – maybe even a different one for every chef. Having made the mousse there are any number of ways to add the finish, such as adding cream, berries, fruits, more chocolate, or whatever may take your fancy.

We have gone directly to the Guinness storehouse for their take on the dessert. The video comes from top chef Justin O’Connor.

Guinness Chocolate Mousse recipe

Ingredients, serves six people

10 egg yolks
10 egg whites, whisked
350g dark chocolate
1/4lb butter
100g caster sugar
100 ml Guinness draught

Guinness Chocolate Mousse

Take a look at the video below.