How to make the traditional old Irish favourite, Boxty

Boxty is a traditional Irish dish, usually served as part of a fried breakfast with bacon, sausage and eggs.

It is a type of potato pancake which is made by grating potatoes and mixing them with flour and oil until it forms a dough-type mixture.

It is then shallow fried like a pancake and eaten as part of a fried breakfast.

As with many other Irish dishes, there are several variations of the ingredients and methods of making Boxty. Some people choose to add milk, butter, onions or

cheese to the mixture before cooking it. Some people also add cooked mashed potato to the mixture to help it hold together.

The grated potato mixture can also be boiled or baked as part of a main evening meal.

Boxty recipe. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Boxty recipe

What you will need

Onions – optional
Butter – optional
Milk – optional
Cheese – optional

Here is a video from YouTube chef O’Reilly’s Recipes showing you how to make Boxty.

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