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Some of the best craic and humour from Ireland and the rest of the world.

Irish commentator delivers hilarious coverage of Olympic sailing race

Irish commentator delivers hilarious coverage of Olympic sailing

An Irish comedian has captured the imagination of millions of casual sports fans with his hilarious commentary of a sailing race from the Olympics. The video caused a major stir during the London Olympics in 2012 and has now re-surfaced online as viewers ask: “Surely this can’t be real?” (more…)

David Brent: Life on the Road

What to watch this week – top movie releases

David Brent: Life on the Road (15, 96 mins) Comedy/Drama/Musical/Romance. Ricky Gervais, Tom Basden, Ben Bailey Smith, Andy Burrows, Steven Clarke, Stuart Wilkinson, Michael Clarke, Tom Bennett, Jo Hartley, Mandeep Dhillon, Rebecca Gethings, Andrew Brooke, Nina Sosanya. Director: Ricky Gervais. Our pleasure is Ricky Gervais' self-inflicted pain in David Brent: Life On The Road, a…

Thai Tims sing song for Olympic heroes Gary and Paul O'Donovan

Thai Tims tribute to Ireland’s Olympic heroes

Ireland’s Olympic heroes the O’Donovan brothers have had a song written about them by some very special children – The Thai Tims. The Thai Tims are a class of schoolchildren in Thailand who learn English by singing Irish songs – and sometimes writing their own. (more…)

Dad gives his baby Irish alter-ego in hilarious video

Dad gives his baby Irish alter-ego in hilarious video

A dad has created a comical video of his baby son who he has given an Irish alter-ego to commentate on his everyday activities. Baby Hadley was filmed by his cheeky dad Rob Edwards crawling around the house, meeting his new baby brother, and complaining that none of the housework is ever done. (more…)

Irish dog steals phone from owner and wants to play

Irish dog steals phone from owner and wants to play

An Irish man faced the ultimate showdown with his pet dog after it stole his mobile phone and wouldn’t give it back. Eimear O’Donnell recorded her brother Sean chasing around after their golden retriever Beau after the cheeky pooch had grabbed his mobile phone in his mouth and ran off. (more…)

Central Intelligence movie - Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

Film – Reviews Jun 28

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE (12A, 108 mins) Comedy/Action/Romance. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan, Danielle Nicolet, Tim Griffin, Timothy John Smith, Thomas Kretschmann, Phil Reeves. Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber. Released: July 1 (UK & Ireland) Underscored with a heartfelt anti-bullying message, Central Intelligence is a surprisingly sweet and goofy mismatched buddy comedy that might lack the quick-wittedness…

Movie reviews 10 June featuring The Boss

Weekend movie reviews June 10

THE BOSS (15, 99 mins) Comedy/Drama/Romance. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage, Ella Anderson, Tyler Labine, Kathy Bates, Cedric Yarbrough, Margo Martindale. Director: Ben Falcone. (more…)

Things Irish mammies say when their grown up kids are going on holiday

What our Irish mammies say when we go on holiday

Take a look at this video that hilariously demonstrates the relationship between an Irish mammy and her grown up son. Irish mammies never stop worrying and fussing over their kids – even when they are all grown up and should be more than capable of taking care of themselves. (more…)

Irish joker creates great videos spoofing Adele and Liam Neeson

Great videos – Irish joker spoofs Liam Neeson and Adele

Liam Neeson might have finally met his match in a great spoof video which sees an Irish guy standing up to the Hollywood hard man. The video – which was posted by Wexford Corporation – begins at the famous scene in Taken that sees Neeson on the telephone calmly but firmly explaining to the people…

Groomsmen put on fantastic dance medley at wedding reception

Groomsmen put on fantastic dance medley at wedding reception

A wedding party was given the perfect start by the groomsmen who performed this hilarious dance medley for the delighted newlyweds and all their guests. The performance included all the necessary ingredients for a successful wedding dance medley; boyband love ballad, 80s classic, Let It Go from Frozen, Grease, and the grand finale of the…

Great video - Irish rugby fans sing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to steward who is Ed Sheeran’s look-a-like

Ed Sheeran look-a-like serenaded by Irish rugby fans

Song writing superstar Ed Sheeran is so popular right now that even his look-a-likes receive adulation from huge groups of fans singing to them. That was the case in this hilarious video from a Munster rugby match which saw the fans serenading a steward who had a striking resemblance to the British star. (more…)

Foil Arms and Hog phone hospital

Hilarious ‘smartphone hospital’ video from Irish trio

Ireland’s hottest comedy trio are continuing to produce hilarious videos on a weekly basis for their online viewers to enjoy. Foil Arms and Hog have featured several times on Ireland Calling thanks to their inventive and original comedy videos that give a modern fresh look at life. (more…)

This poor Irishman struggles to get to grips with the 30 cows riddle

Irishman stumped by 30 cows riddle

An Irishman was confused by a popular riddle in a hilarious video that has gone viral. The poor fella was put on the spot by his partner who trained her camera phone on him and asked him the following question; (more…)

Hilarious video shows an ‘honest Irish weather forecaster’ strong language!

If Irish weather forecasters were a bit more honest

As wonderful a country as Ireland is, there is one thing most of us would change if we had the power – the weather. Ireland is famously rainy, being Europe’s first line of defence against the Atlantic Ocean. You would think that our weather forecasters have the easiest jobs in the world. However, you could…

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson - Comedy stars strike ‘Irish’ poses in hilarious interview

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson strike ‘Irish’ poses

Comedy superstars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have been striking some Irish poses as they promote their latest movie Zoolander No 2. The pair have reprised their roles from classic cult movie that came out 15 years ago and delighted their Irish fans with a new look – Green Mist. (more…)

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