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Every Irish Wedding Ever – hilarious video from RTÉ

Irish broadcasters RTÉ Republic of Comedy have produced a brilliant YouTube video that accurately captures the events that take place at ‘every Irish wedding ever’.

Anyone who has ever been to an Irish wedding will describe a day in which several disasters and mishaps were narrowly avoided before the heart-warming moment was reached when the happy couple said: “I do”.

Every Irish Wedding Ever

A fun-filled party of food, music and alcohol follows, and usually includes cringe-worthy speeches, harassment of the bridesmaids, and an impromptu performance of a traditional Irish folk song from one of the senior men in the family.

These are all clichéd incidents that take place at Irish weddings, but most of us will have experienced at least one of them first-hand.

The comedy team at RTÉ have really captured the events of the big day in this hilarious video: ‘Every Irish Wedding Ever’.

From the bride’s pre-nuptial tantrums, to the turbo-charged photographer, to the guests’ disappointment upon realising the bride’s father hasn’t provided an open bar for them to “get trollied off their heads”.


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  1. Yeah..we want to see it, too!

  2. Why is The”Republic of comedy’ being blocked in the USA ?

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