Cutest Irish dancing baby will have you seeing double


Forget Lord of the Dance, there is a new Irish dance sensation sweeping across the internet, and she is called Kali of the Dance.

Kali Jazz is adorable and her Irish dance performance has become an online sensation with more than three million views on YouTube.

Not only does Kali put on a great show, in true prima donna style, she even poses for applause at the end. She’s obviously too young to have had any Irish dancing lessons, but maybe she’s just a natural and doesn’t need them.

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The 25 second video shows Kali jigging about to Irish music in her Jolly Jumper in her home in Quebec. Her dad was filming his baby daughter and later realised that she had shown a real flair for Irish dancing.

He edited the video down, added some Irish music and a touch of his own creativity and the result is spectacular, as cute as it is hilarious.

Kali’s mum admitted she “laughed so freakin hard when I saw it almost peed my pants” and decided to post it online for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Watch Kali Jazz in Kali of the Dance below.

Kali, of course is now growing up fast and maybe before too long she’ll be able to dance with some of the professionals feature here. We’re sure she’ll makje the grade.


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