Irish mammy’s hilarious swearing rant at confused daughter

Irish mammy's hilarious swearing rant at confused daughter

An Irish girl was mercilessly slated by her mammy after she couldn’t solve the classic mph riddle.

The girl, named as Laurel in the video, was stumped by the puzzle which led her to face a shouting and swearing rampage that could only be delivered by an Irish mammy.

Irish mammy's hilarious swearing rant at confused daughter

Laurel is asked by her sister: “If I’m travelling from here to a location that’s 80 miles away, and I leave here at 2 o’clock but I’m driving at 80mph what time will I reach my destination at?”

The answer is obvious of course but poor Laurel is not the first person to have been confused by the question.

However, she is possibly the first to have received such an angry reaction from her mam.

To make matters worse, Laurel knocked over her drink in the confusion which is what initially sparked her mammy’s anger. Frustrated by the mess and her daughter’s mental block, Mammy unleashes a hilarious volley of abuse at Laurel as she tries to explain the logic in the riddle.

Insults thrown at poor Laurel include “I’m going to f*****n bite her” and “you’re a braindead b*****d so you are!”

The video then takes a comical turn as Laurel stands her ground and tries to argue her case, although she still misses the point by claiming she could travel to Asda at 10mph in less time.

This digression momentarily confuses her mam too, and Laurel shouts out: “See, you’re just as thick, Asda’s only round the corner!”

Throughout the video, Laurel’s sister is laughing away as she films the comical episode unfold.

Take a look at the hilarious video below.

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