Hilarious song by Tim Minchin fights back for gingers everywhere

Hilarious song by Tim Minchin fights back for gingers everywhere

People with red hair have sometimes been the victims of cruel teasing and bullying about their hair colour, especially in school.

Flame-haired Australian comedian Tim Minchin finally decided enough was enough, and wrote a brilliant song to fight back for gingers everywhere.

The song, named Prejudice, is a hilarious warning to all non-gingers out there, that “only a ginger can call another ginger ginger”.

Minchin first performed the song on his Ready for This tour of Australia in 2010, and it has proven to be a massive hit with well over seven million views of the YouTube video.

As the tempo of the song increases so does Minchin’s passion and the build-up has the audience on the edge of their seats listening intently.

Minchin is a brilliantly talented pianist and often uses music in his comedy performances.

He allows the mood of the song to stray from blues to hip-hop to jazz and all the way back again. His musical skills are only surpassed by the hilarious lyrics of the song.

He ends the song with an inspirational verse for redheads with the lines: “And you know my kids will always be clothed and fed, cos Papa’s gonna be bringing home the gingerbread, and they’ll be pretty smart cos they’ll be well red!”

Minchin has become a global superstar in the past few years thanks to his fantastic musical comedy routines.

He has built an army of fans and is well respected by all for his generous nature and tolerant outlook on life.

Here is the hilarious video of Tim Minchin’s Prejudice.

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