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Details and stories about all things relating to ginger or redheaded people.

So that’s where our red hair comes from

A world of Irish heritage

For years Irish people, along with the Scots, have been associated with red hair, fair skin and freckles. Celtic people have carried the ginger gene for centuries but it has always been unclear as to where it actually originated. A study carried out in Spain on the gene evolution of …

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‘Ginger gene’ could keep you looking young

'Ginger gene' could keep you looking young

Scientists believe the ‘ginger gene’ could be key to a study on why some people keep their youthful appearance as they get older. Images of more than two and a half thousand faces were judged to assess how old people looked and then the DNA of those that appeared younger …

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Red heads more likely to be successful

Red heads more likely to become the CEO

Red heads are more likely to become the CEO of their company because their flamed hair makes them more recognisable and memorable to their bosses, according to a recent study. The news will be of some comfort to many ginger haired people who may have suffered bullying or discrimination in …

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