An Irish weather forecast – if they were a bit more honest

Hilarious video shows an ‘honest Irish weather forecaster’ strong language!

Ireland is a wonderful country, we all know that. However, perhaps there is one thing most of us would change if we could – the weather.

Ireland is famously rainy, being Europe’s first line of defence against the Atlantic Ocean. You would think that our weather forecasters have the easiest jobs in the world.

However, you could say that they are wrong far more often than they really have any right to be.

Not only do they tell us that we might have a day of sunny clear skies, only for it to then drizzle down with rain on and off for the entire day – they also ‘play down’ the misery of a rainy day, as if we shouldn’t be feeling a bit grumpy by the time the fifth consecutive grey rainy day comes around.

Thankfully those forecasters have been lampooned a video by comedy stars The Irish Take.

The Irish Take imagine what it would be like if weather forecasters in Ireland were a little more honest.

The video starts off with the familiar sight of a weatherman stood in front of a map of Ireland – with rain cloud symbols hovering over every corner of the land.

However, when the man starts speaking to the camera he says what we are all thinking rather than sugar coating the poor state of the weather.

Using typically strong language, that often leaves people from outside of Ireland taken aback, he says: “I’m sorry to report folks, but the rest of the day is going to be f***ing dreadful!”

He then goes around the country and his language gets worse and worse. It is a hilarious video and we do wish that just once we would turn on the TV and hear an honest forecast like this.

In fact, if there are any weather forecasters nearing retirement – this is what we want to see on your last day on the job!

Take a look at the video below – Be warned it contains strong language.

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