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The lighter side of Ireland and Irish emigrants from around the world.

How to make the classic Irish dish ‘Champ’


A YouTube channel called ‘Videos of Irish Farming Life’ has created a great video that shows how to make a traditional Irish dish. It is a charming home-made video featuring a chef named Rosemary who talks the viewer through the process of making a dish called ‘Champ’ – which is …

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Elderly people who attend Mass are less likely to suffer depression

Elderly people who attend mass are less likely to suffer depression

A study has found that older people who regularly go to Mass are less likely to suffer from depression. The research was carried out by a team at Trinity College Dublin. They surveyed 6,000 people aged 50 or over, with interviews taking place at 2-year intervals from 2010 to 2016.

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Travellers’ DNA as far from Irish as the Spanish

Irish Travellers granted formal recognition as ethnic minority

Fascinating new insights into the origins of the Irish Traveller community have been made that suggest they date back as far as 12 generations, long before the Great Famine. It had long been thought that the Traveller community was formed as a result of the Famine in the mid-19th century, …

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Graham Norton says he could have been found ‘dead in a ditch’ if he came out as gay in Ireland

Graham Norton passes on life advice to teenagers at his old school

Irish chat king Graham Norton says that if he had come out as gay in Ireland he may have been found ‘dead in a ditch’. In recent years, Ireland has made significant progress in terms of equality issues and the public voted to legalise gay marriage in 2015.

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US Congressman on a mission to make Irish word ‘eejit’ widely used in America

Brendan Boyle family

Lots of Irish words and sayings have spread to America and the rest of the world. The ‘craic’ relating to having a good time is an obvious example, banjaxed meaning broken or tired is another…or perhaps gombeen, meaning a somewhat shady character. And then there is boycott meaning to shun, …

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