Free online course – get in touch with your roots by learning the Irish language

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An online university is offering a free course which is a must for anyone who has ever thought about learning the Irish language.

The course – from Future Learn – is called ‘Irish 101: An Introduction to Irish Language and Culture’.

It is for ‘anyone interested in Irish language, history and culture’.

‘Students will learn the basics of the language, which takes in pronunciations along with, the ancient written language of Ogham.

It also takes in Irish mythology, Irish curses, greetings and names.

The course lasts for four weeks – but the classes will remain online so students will have access to them and be able to go at their own pace if other commitments get in the way.

The introduction to the course on the Future Learn site states:

Engage with Irish culture and history through language
Ireland is home to a unique language and a vibrant Gaelic culture.

On this course, you’ll discover how Irish people drew inspiration from nature to create their own unique script and alphabet.

You’ll explore Ireland’s rich culture of dance, Gaelic games, music, storytelling and literature. And you’ll gain an insight into the language of Ireland and the people who speak it.

So take the first step on your journey to learn one of the oldest literary languages in Europe.

Bígí linn – join us!

The course was developed by professors, teachers and doctoral candidates at Dublin City University.

Students are advised to spend around four hours each week working on the course.

It is a great way to get in touch with your Irish roots. If you would like to take part, visit the Future Learn website and sign up.

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Written by Michael Kehoe@michaelcalling