Inspiring video from Irish dance stars Fusion Fighters and special needs students

Fusion fighters stars teaching moves to special needs children from Miracles in Motion

Irish dance stars Fusion Fighters teamed up with American non-profit dance group Miracles in Motion to help teach special needs children to dance.

It was part of Fusion Fighters’ ‘Create Not Hate’ campaign, which started in early 2017.

Fusion Fighters are a dance crew and online community which has over 70,000 members worldwide united through their shared love of dance.

Fusion fighters stars teaching moves to special needs children from Miracles in Motion

Their create not hate campaign sees them working with local dance schools around the world and using their talents to give back to their local communities in a number of ways, which could community outreach activities, a cultural exchange, video campaign or a public performance to raise money for local causes.

The campaign led Fusion Fighters stars Chris Naish, Jamie Hodges & Joe Duffey to Richmond Virginia where they were introduced to Miracles in Motion.

Miracles in Motion are a non-profit dance group formed in 2007 by Kim Moncrief. Moncrief designed Miracles in Motion specifically for people with special needs.

The students learn a range of dance styles and are given the same opportunities as any other dance organisation. The dancers regularly perform in recitals and community performances.

Miracles In Motion’s slogan is: ‘Providing Quality Dance Instruction to People with Special Needs while Promoting Community Awareness through the JOY of Dancing!’

Naish said: “Fusion Fighters were honoured and incredibly moved to have been able to spend this time working with this inspiring group, we believe that everyone should have the right to dance. Working with these dancers brought us tears of joy and this was by far one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had.

“We loved every second and they were the most amazing people to work with. I hope the video does it justice and we can raise awareness for more studios like this to accessible for people with special needs worldwide.”

Moncrief added: “Miracles in Motion is really important to the dancers, it gives them the opportunity to be social and do what they love to do. It helps with their confidence, their ability to make friends and go on to the next level with dance.

“The dance group have high expectations and feel like it’s really important you can have high expectations for them and they will succeed.

“We would like for the campaign #CreateNotHate to show everyone in the world just how important dance is to everyone and inspire other companies and studios to be more open to creating opportunities like Miracles in Motion for people with special needs.”

Take a look at the video below.

If you would like to support Miracles in motion visit their website.
You can find out more about Fusion Fighters at their website or Facebook page.

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling