Irish islands for sale for the price of a house

Carbery Island is for sale for €525,000
Carbery Island (Image:

Buying an irish Ireland could be a lot cheaper than might you think. A were put up for sale in 2018 for prices equivalnt to a small house to a more luxurious property.

Admittedly, there was quite a lot of work to do for any potential owners who wanted to live there!

The first was called Mannion Island and is in Dunmanus Bay, West Cork. The island accessible from a newly built pier but doesn’t currently have any buildings.

Carbery Island is for sale for €525,000
Carbery Island (Image:

It was on sale through Vladi Private Islands for just €150,000.

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A spokesperson said: “Mannion Island is tucked away within the picturesque Dunmanus Bay, just 200 meters away from the foreshore and 500 meters from a newly-constructed pier (located just five minutes’ walk away from the village of Durrus).

“The island is home to a natural spring, and fertile land (covering approximately 60% of the island’s surface area). Towards the east of the island, Mannion furthermore boasts a sheltered cove allowing for all-year-access.

“The island is being sold “as is” and does not feature a house, building, structure, or ruins. Electricity could be provided via solar panels or a wind-turbine.”

Mannion Island is for sale for €150,000
Mannion Island (Image:

Vladi were also selling Carbery Island, which is near to Mannion but is more expensive at €525,000. The island features a large house – but it did need an upgrade.

The spokesperson said: “The clear waters of the Carbery Island bay gently wash against the shore. Seals, otters, fishermen and divers all enjoy this paradise island. The bay’s beauty and the gentle westerly winds make it the ideal place for sailing.

“Dunmanus – quiet and unspoiled offers the ‘Robinson Crusoe feeling’ for the island inhabitants who enjoy complete privacy amid untouched nature. Lovely old villages like Bantry and Schull with their international sailing harbours, pubs, renowned restaurants and shops are within easy reach.”

Carbery Island near West Cork is for sale for €525,000
Carbery Island (Image:

Find out more at Vladi

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