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Daniel O’Donnell sings Danny Boy with 99-year-old fan

A 99-year-old woman was given an unexpected moment in the spotlight at a recent Daniel O’Donnell concert, when the singer walked down into the audience and performed a duet with her.

Kitty Cosgrave had travelled to the Wexford Opera House to watch the legendary Irish singer perform.

Daniel O'Donnell sings Danny Boy with 99-year-old fan

However, she became one of the highlights of the show herself, as O’Donnell wandered into the crowd and sat next to Kitty for a chat.

He asked her where she was from, and if she had travelled far, before asking if there were any big songs she would like to hear that he had not included in his set.

Kitty and her friends all mentioned the traditional folk song Danny Boy.

O’Donnell insisted that he and Kitty would sing a duet of the popular song, and the music started.

Kitty and O’Donnell then both sang together into the microphone as the audience listened on.

O’Donnell even joked during the song, asking Kitty: “Will you take the big note or will I?”

The two shared the vocals and completed the song, much to the delight of the audience.

Kitty’s daughter Kathleen filmed the performance on her mobile phone and it has proven to be very popular online.

She told the Irish Independent: “She never thought it would happen to her, and to sing Danny Boy with him… No words can describe.”

Take a look at the video below.

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