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Ed Sheeran sings his global hit Thinking Out Loud in Irish

Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran performed an Irish language version of his smash single Thinking Out Loud on RTÉ 2fm.

It was a great gesture from Sheeran to learn his own song in another language – and his performance came after a classic radio prank.

The song was played on Eoghan McDermott’s radio show. Earlier in the day, the station had revealed that it would be playing a special version of the song in Irish.

Ed Sheeran performs his hit Thinking Out Loud in Irish on RTÉ 2fm

What it didn’t let on was that it would be Sheeran himself who would be singing.

Sheeran, who is from Suffolk, UK but has Irish grandparents, had obviously taken a lot of time out to re-learn his lyrics and sounded totally natural singing in Irish.

RTÉ 2fm are offering fans the chance to win a copy of the album that features Sheeran’s Irish version of his song.

The original version of Thinking Out Loud sold millions of copies and reached number one in countries all over the world including Ireland, the UK, Australia and Portugal, and reached number two in the USA.

Take a look at the video below.

Sheeran also showed his sense of humour a couple of weeks earlier when he took part in a prank by Australian comedians Hamish and Andy.

The lads set Sheeran up in a seedy looking area of town and offered passers-by a chance to see him in a ‘peep show’ for $2.

Hamish went into the street to try to persuade people to part with their $2 by shouting ‘Ed Sheeran – who wants to cheer him?’

Not surprisingly the public thought it must be a con and nobody took up the offer for nearly two and a half hours.

The fact that Sheeran stayed sat on his stool waiting for someone to come in shows what a good sport he is – especially as Andy suggested to him that perhaps they had priced the show too high.

Finally a couple did take the chance and their reaction was priceless – especially the man who went from feeling a little silly for being taken in by it to quickly grabbing his phone for a video when he realised it really was Sheeran.

Take a look at the video below.

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  1. My favorite was the guy who started singing along! <3 I guess he was just enjoying the music and figured since he was the only one in the audience, he wouldn't bother anyone. Luvit!

  2. That was cool! I love the 2 different guys that just enjoyed listening to Ed, rather than video taping the 2 minutes!!! Living in the moment!

  3. Beautiful!!

  4. Brilliant! Love Ed Sheeran; so grounded! Great sport! Love his rendition in Gaelic; staying close to his Irish roots!

  5. Always thought he was Irish.. Absolutely love his rendition in Irish! Would love to see him in our area

  6. Teresa Coleen Austin

    Very cool…I wish I could have been there!!!

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