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Cork trio perform best Irish dance video of the year

You have got to watch the latest Irish dancing video that is taking the internet by storm.

‘Freedom’ is a two minute film that showcases Irish dancing in all its glory. It sees Cork men Kieran Hardiman, Alan Kenefick and Ciaran Plummer performing their perfectly choreographed routine around the grounds of University College Cork.

Best Irish dance video so far

The soundtrack adds real drama to the performance, as it features Charlie Chaplain’s inspiring speech from the famous 1940 film The Great Dictator. The music is equally dramatic, with Californian electronic synthpop band The Glitch Mob’s Mind of a Beast blasting out as the trio dance.

The video is professionally put together, with the sound, the scenes, and the dancing all skilfully selected to complement each other.

Kieran posted the ‘Freedom’ video on to his Facebook page a couple of days ago, and it has been shared thousands of times and viewed more than a quarter of a million times.

Kieran’s friends have been posting their congratulations and praise for the video.

Since the first ever performance of Riverdance in 1994, Irish dancing has grown in popularity around the world. In recent years, with the growth of the internet, and specifically video sharing site YouTube, we have seen countless Irish dancing videos uploaded and shared with the world.

Many performers have shown that Irish dancing is not just for Irish music, but also great when performed to modern pop songs and other genres of music.

However, we must say that this ‘Freedom’ video certainly stands out from the crowd for its professional production and dramatic soundtrack. A brilliantly different way to showcase Irish dancing to the world and one of the best Irish dance videos of the year so far.

Take a look at the video below.

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks from Kentucky, US. Just the message a lot of people need these days.

  2. super dancing , thoroughly enjoyed the entire production. Saw this from Ontario, Canada.

  3. Super dancing and music-thoroughly enjoyed the entire production.

  4. As a co-founder of an Irish dance school and performance company some years ago…that was just brilliant. Love it. Evolution of the form in all the right ways.

  5. Absolutely beautiful

  6. Fabulous dancing and story telling, well done!

  7. Absolutely wonderful, loved it so much I keep watching it, well deserved Guinness.

  8. It’s brilliant ! Love it. The passion, the passion and the passion.

  9. Loved it, great dancing and the Michael Jackson t shirt added a great touch lol

  10. They have magical feet loved every minute must see more of them

  11. How soon may they be takin’ a trip across the pond… and where!

  12. If they ever decide to go on tour I’ll be there. Absolutely wonderful!

  13. Breath taking
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  14. Shannon O'Connor

    Very, very impressive. Mindful, unique, brilliant. The whole piece. Absolutely well done guys.

  15. christine cronin

    great display lads, great editing also.

  16. Really good,Michael Flatley still the best

  17. Now that’s the way to do it . Irish dancing wow what power and the video is so true . Would love to see these lads live . Thanks amazing

  18. Loved the guys..Great message and great dancing!

  19. love the Irish Dancers wonderful performance

  20. Wonderful to watch these very talented young men…Thank you…

  21. WOW! You boys are great!

  22. What a way to start off the day, and such strong meaning behind it. Loved it and would love to see more of this Irish dancing!

  23. Really very good, excellent, well done guy’s.


  25. Brilliant! Powerful message!

  26. When can we expect the show

  27. Speechless. The dancing was powerful, the message more so. In the light of what is happening in Europe this should be forefront in all our minds. One day, could all this be taken away from me?. We are being pushed blindfold by our political leaders to accept those who would not accept us. Overwhelmed by sheer numbers, will our ways and values survive, our will the face of our world be changed forever?.

  28. Found this video amazing !!!!

  29. Wish I could hang this thing on my freakin’ wall and see it every morning before I got up. GO IRISH!

  30. Dance as both the medium and the message. Gave me chills.

  31. Absolutely fantastic! Brought tears to my eyes. A job very well done! Congratulations!!!!!!

  32. They were fantastic had me hypnotised,,

  33. Love the Dancers , perfect music to such a strong performance .

  34. Excellent loved the dance

  35. What great dancing loved watching it

  36. Congrats!Amazing!
    Absolutely Brilliant!

  37. catherine mcnally

    Loved it! Different than the usual!

  38. Amazing love this statement.

  39. Kathleen Donner Dwyer

    I think the trio was great.

  40. What Irish Dancing needs in its next Renissance…… Brilliant steps. Use of different rhythmic elements to dance on, and truly Fabulous dancers Themselves! Slan!

  41. Great Performance and Great Message—-Spot On.

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