Flashmob of Irish dancers stun Sydney Central

Flashmob of Irish dancers stun Sydney Central. Image copyright Ireland Calling

A flashmob of more than 100 Irish dancers stunned the commuters at Sydney Central Station as they took to the centre of the floor and performed a brilliant Riverdance routine.

The sneaky show was organised by Tourism Ireland for St Patrick’s Day in 2011. It was filmed by a secret camera looking down on to the main floor of the station.

Flashmob of Irish dancers stun Sydney Central. Image copyright Ireland Calling

As the thousands of travellers are getting on with their days, the sound of hustle and bustle is interrupted by some Irish music.

One lone Irish dancer, a young man dressed all in black, steps into the middle of the floor and starts jumping and tapping his feet with precision timing and rhythm.

A crowd begins to gather around the talented dancer, and before long he is joined by another young man and two young ladies, who immediately join in with the perfectly choreographed routine.

The performance had the bemused travellers in awe as hundreds formed a circle around the dancers to watch and record the unexpected show.

Before long there are dozens of Irish dancers in the middle of the station, some as young as five or six.

Then several adult dancers walk along the front of the kids and step into line with them and join in the fun.

The dancers all hold hands and kick and jump in perfect unison to create an unbreakable wall of Irish dance.

The performance reaches it big climax and the hundreds of delighted Sydney commuters erupted into a round of applause.

The dancers quickly disperse back into the crowds and within seconds there is no trace of them as the flashmob ends as quickly as it began.
Take a look at the video for yourself.

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