Ed Sheeran’s mum wants to teach kids the value of singing

Ed Sheeran’s mum wants to teach kids the value of singing

Ed Sheeran’s mother has taken a step towards creating her own musical legacy as she has taken a job as a music teacher in primary school.

Ed has become one of the world’s biggest music stars over the past decade with a string of megahits such as the A Team, Thinking Out Loud and South o’ the Border.

Ed Sheeran’s mum wants to teach kids the value of singing

Now, his mum Imogen is ready to make her own impression on the music business.

She has set up a project that encourages primary school children to get into singing.

Imogen is a director of the Suffolk Kodaly Community Interest Company. The company’s describes its aim as: “Kodaly’s approach to music education is based on teaching, learning and under-standing music through the experience of singing — giving direct access to the world of music without the technical problems involved with the use of an instrument.”

Imogen added they want to ensure that “every pupil sings regularly” because it is “hugely beneficial for children’s social and mental development, helping to improve children’s behaviour, attainment, confidence, concentration and ability to cope with peer pressure”.

Imogen has been a huge supporter of her son Ed throughout his rise in the music industry.

He is now returning the favour and is fully behind his mum with her new business.

He said: “I hated primary school with a passion, I cried every day. I’m ginger so I was instantly ripped into from the day I started school — ginger, had a stutter and wore huge glasses, just a bit odd. But I got to high school, started playing guitar and joined a band. Music is one of those things that can give you confidence.”

Ed Sheeran has always spoken proudly about his Irish heritage. He even performed one of his biggest hits Thinking Out Loud in the Irish language and performed it on Irish radio.

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