Ed Sheeran's Glastonbury riders were not exactly rock 'n' roll

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Ed Sheeran recently cemented his position as the world’s biggest pop star after he produced a fantastic set as the headline act at Glastonbury.
The ginger singer is hugely popular amongst music lovers, as much for his down-to-earth nature as for his brilliant song writing abilities.
Ed Sheeran's list of Glastonbury riders are not exactly rock 'n' roll. Photo copyright Ipswich Borough Council CC3
A quick look at his list of riders he requested for his dressing room at Glastonbury show he has not changed at all from the average person in the street.
Apparently, Ed asked for:
• a bottle of Robinson’s Squash,
• a six-pack of Coca-Cola,
• a six-pack of Diet Coke,
• a six-pack of Fanta Orange,
• a six-pack of Sprite,
• a jar of Manuka Honey.
Not exactly sex, drugs and rock and roll, but at least we know that the A Team star is keeping himself well hydrated during his performances.
Sheeran’s requests demonstrate how little he has changed since becoming a worldwide star.
Other global superstars have been known to make incredible and ridiculous demands for their dressing rooms when performing.
Canadian singer Justin Bieber has reportedly insisted on a Jacuzzi, washing machine and a PlayStation, whilst rap star Kanye West has demanded an alcohol filled slushie machine in the past.
Good old Ed Sheeran is happy with just a few cans of pop and a jar of honey! And he performed a fantastic set to bring the festival to a close. Here is a quick sample of his performance.

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Written by Andrew Moore