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Ed Sheeran covers Wild Mountain Thyme and The Parting Glass

Ed Sheeran has paid tribute to his Irish roots by performing covers of two traditional Irish songs.
Sheeran has previously revealed that he has Irish heritage, with his paternal grandparents originating from Co Wexford.Ed Sheeran covers traditonal Irish songs. Photo copyright  Eva Rinaldi CC2
Over the past few years, the British star has delighted millions of fans around the world with his moving ballads and passionate performances
As well as being a gifted songwriter and musician, Sheeran has won many fans for his laid back, generous nature.
He has always said that he is proud of his Irish heritage and as a tribute, he sang Wild Mountain Thyme and The Parting Glass.
Both videos have been viewed thousands of times online. Sheeran performs with just his acoustic guitar and the simplicity is brilliant, allowing the viewer to focus on the music and words.

Ed Sheeran – Wild Mountain Thyme

Although some people think Wild Mountain Thyme must have been around for centuries, it is actually fairly recent in terms of traditional Irish music. It was written by Belfast musician William McPeake and was first recorded in 1957. Listen to Sheeran’s brilliant cover of it below.

Ed Sheeran – The Parting Glass

Here is Sheeran’s version of the popular Irish song The Parting Glass. This song was once frequently sung on New Year’s Eve, before it was replaced by Auld Lang Syne. The song has remained a favourite on the Irish folk scene, and Sheeran has performed it several times.

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  1. This made me cry … thoughts of my Irish Mom coming to a new, strange land, with not another soul here in her corner, how brave she was! . Both songs were so beautiful, thank you Ed Sheeran for this beautiful gift.

  2. Patricia Ireland

    I very much enjoyed your two song Wild Mountain Tyme, and The Parting Glass. It was beautiful.
    I visited Ireland back in 1976 and so much enjoyed driving the country. I had thought the roads were made from the cattle trails and especially in the West part of Ireland, where when we came to a bridge we had to drive under they seemed like they all made a sharp left turn. I truly loved Ireland.

  3. Brilliant.

  4. Mary Fredrickson

    Us Ed Sheeran ever coming back!?! I miss him so much!

  5. This showcases Ed Sheeran’s versatility. Brilliant!

  6. This just proves Ed Sheeran’s versatility. Brilliant!

  7. Love this guy, he is so talented, but still grounded and not full of himself!

  8. Perfect music! Love this Ed!

  9. Love everything about my Irish heritage.

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