Need a break from that midday sun? How about a coffee in a cone?

Union Grind cafe serves coffee in a cone

A creative cáfe has taken advantage of the scorching heat by offering customers a nice coffee – in an ice-cream cone.
Union Grind is an espresso bar located on the edge of the water in Cork’s quayside area.
Union Grind cafe serves coffee in a cone
The creative team decided to conjure up something different to refresh their patrons during the recent heatwave.
They took a normal ice-cream cone, and poured hot coffee inside, followed by fresh creamy milk.
Of course, they presented the coffee cone beautifully, with the milk forming a love heart on the surface.
The imaginative serving has attracted a lot of attention on social media.
Take a look at the creative concoction being prepared in the video below, and if you are passing through Cork anytime soon then you know where to go for a nice break with a coffee in a cone.

Written by Andrew Moore