Where do tourists go for the best Irish pub atmosphere?

Tourists to Ireland reveal which county they think has the pubs with the best atmosphere

Irish pubs are famous around the world for having a great atmosphere. They are known as meeting places for people to unwind after a long day and enjoy the craic.

A 2016 survey tried to find which county is the place to go for the best pub atmosphere in Ireland.Tourists to Ireland reveal which county they think has the pubs with the best atmosphere

The survey was carried out by Europcar who were looking to find out more about what makes Ireland such a popular destination for tourists.

The results showed that tourists enjoyed the atmosphere in Dublin pubs more than any other part of the country.

There are certainly plenty of places for visitors to sample a great Irish pub atmosphere in Dublin.

As well as the famous Temple Bar area, pubs such as the Merry Ploughboy and the Stag’s Head went viral last year for delighting customers with ten humorous pub rules and a mass ukulele sing-along respectively.

There are also countless places to hear live traditional Irish music such as O’Donoghue’s Pub, where legends such as Christy Moore, the Fureys and the Dubliners all made their names.

Dublin pubs were followed in the list by pubs in Co Galway and Co Kerry. Actor Mark Hamill enjoyed the Bridge Bar in Co Kerry while he was over in Ireland filming the latest Star Wars movie. He even got behind the bar and poured some pints of Guinness.

There are several reasons why the Irish pub is so popular around the world. Here is a list of just eight features that are so appealing about Irish pubs.

A survey like this will always seem slightly controversial as different tourists will have visited different towns and cities all over Ireland and enjoyed atmosphere wherever they go.

Let us know in the comment section below if you enjoyed any particular pub in Ireland and where and when you visited.

Other interesting results from the survey showed just how much people from overseas loved visiting Ireland.

The country made a big impression on many people with 77% saying that they would definitely like to return. Meanwhile, 55% said that this wasn’t their first visit.

Dublin was the most popular city for visitors, followed by Galway and Cork.

The most popular reason for coming Ireland was ‘the Irish landscape’, with 25% giving this as their main motivation to visit. This was followed by having a family connection in Ireland or Irish heritage (20%).

The UK provided the most visitors to Ireland with 25% of tourists coming from across the Irish Sea, while 17% came from the USA.

Take a look at the video below for a great example of the atmosphere in pubs around Temple Bar Dublin.

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