Luke Skywalker pulls perfect pint of Guinness in Kerry

Luke Skywalker pulls perfect pint of Guinness in Kerry

Veteran US actor Mark Hamill took a break from battling the Empire to enjoy a good old pint of Guinness, and even got behind the bar to pull a few more himself.
Luke Skywalker pulls perfect pint of Guinness in Kerry
The Luke Skywalker actor is in Co Kerry with the rest of the cast and production team of the new Star Wars film, which is being recorded on Skellig Michael.
The crew and actors were in the Bridge Bar in Portmagee unwinding after a long day’s filming.
Hamill was invited behind the bar to learn the art pouring a perfect Guinness and showed great interest in the technique and timing required.
He watches the bar staff pour a few pints before attempting one himself. He is pretty good to be fair although he did show signs of impatience when he thought one pint was ready before it had fully settled.
Good things come to those that wait of course.
Hamill does successfully pour a pint and the whole pub cheers him on as he triumphantly places the perfect pint on the bar.
The comical incident was recorded by one of the customers in the pub and the video has proven quite popular on YouTube.
At the end of the video Hamill can be heard at the end joking: “You’re never too old to learn a new skill. Something to fall back on if the whole Star Wars thing goes wrong.”

Hamill is clearly loving his time in Ireland. Here are a couple of his tweets from the past few days: “Enjoying? Ireland is simply heaven on earth! The people here treat you like family.”
“Congrats to Dublin on their All-Ireland victory! Well done, lads-proud of both teams & grateful 4 Emerald Isle’s kindness! #AllIrelandFinal”
The new Star Wars film is the eighth episode in the popular franchise. It is scheduled for release next year.