Phantom – a fantastic evergreen video from Irish dance stars Fusion Fighters

Irish dancers Fusion Fighters perform their video 'Phantom' at Coombe Abbey

The Fusion Fighters have become one of Ireland’s most popular Irish dance troupes, with a growing band of followers across the world.

One of their most leading videos – titled ‘Phantom’ – was filmed at Coombe Abbey on a beautiful sunny day.

It features music by Sean Horsman, which provides a perfect backdrop for the performance.

The video begins with five dancers – Chris Naish, George Deadman, Conor Kennedy, Declan McHale & John McCullough – sat on stools in the gardens of the Abbey.

Although they are sitting they are still showing off their moves. However, it isn’t long before they get on their feet and really start to show what they can do.

Fusion Fighters star Chris Naish said: “It’s a tradition of ours to release one this time of year, especially as St Patrick’s week is our anniversary (Launched in 2013).”

The grand setting of Coombe Abbey, combined with the music, sunshine and, of course, the dancing, come together to make for a fantastic video.

He admitted that their previous efforts have set the bar extremely high and they had a lot to live up to.

Take a look at the video below.

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