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Learn how to Irish dance with these quick four steps

An instruction video to help dance enthusiasts take their first few steps into Irish dance has been published on YouTube.

The video is called Sean nós dance Billy and was created by the Easy Irish Dance channel. It is a great introduction into Irish dance for beginners with easy to follow instructions on how to perform four simple steps.

Learn how to Irish dance with these quick four steps

Anyone can have a go, as the woman in the video performs steps for you to follow.

The four steps are:

1. Pivet
2. Shuffles
3. Stamp Stamp
4. Cross Swing Step

All are simple enough to do, and as well as the lead dancers to copy, there is also text to describe exactly how to move your feet.

Once you have mastered the four steps you will be well on the way to getting up and joining in on the dancefloor with all your friends and family.

The accompanying music comes from the talented Sharon Shannon.

So clear a space in your in your front room, set your tablet down in front of you and step away.

Written by Andrew Moore