Comedy star Paul Rudd delights fans at Co Cork’s Titanic Experience Museum

Paul Rudd at the Titanic Experience Museum in Cobh

Hollywood comedy king Paul Rudd delighted locals in Co Cork when he visited the Titanic Experience Museum.

Workers at the Cobh tourist attraction said the Role Models star was charming and gracious when he made a surprise visit.

Rudd was in Ireland on holiday with his family and couldn’t resist a visit to the fascinating museum.

The Antman star has a personal interest in the subject of the doomed ship as his father Michael Rudd was a world-renowned Titanic historian.

A social media post from the museum announced: “We were delighted to welcome Paul Rudd and his family to Titanic Experience Cobh earlier today.

“Paul’s family have been regular visitors to Cobh in the past, as Paul’s dad (the late Michael Rudd) had a great passion for history and the Titanic story.

“As the last port of call, Cobh has a unique and emotive link to the story and we hope the Rudd family enjoyed our tour and our stories.

“We had a few Antman fans at the experience today and thank you to Paul for being so gracious to his enthusiastic young fans (and the not so young fans!)”

Rudd’s father isn’t his only link to the Titanic story. He was also responsible for persuading Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio to take on one of the most famous roles of his career.

Rudd and DiCaprio were working together on the 1997 Baz Luhrmann movie Romeo + Juliet. At the time DiCaprio had been offered the role of Jack in an upcoming movie about the Titanic but wasn’t sure if it was the right move for him.

During a fateful car journey, the pair had an ‘interesting conversation’ in which the young DiCaprio received some priceless advice.

Rudd told Irish chat host Graham Norton: “I was riding to the place with Leo and he said, ‘I just got offered this movie, and it’s a big movie.’ And he had done indie films up to that point. He said, ‘It’s a studio movie, it’s Titanic.

“I said, ‘That’s incredible!’ And I knew a lot about Titanic because my dad just talked about it at the table. We had a conversation about it and he was saying, ‘Oh, like I don’t know what I’ll do.’

“I remember saying, ‘You should do it! I don’t think I had any say, but it is kind of interesting to think back on that. Cause he did it. He did the movie.”

Of course, James Cameron’s movie went on to be one of the highest grossing films of all time and shot DiCaprio to the top of Hollywood’s A list.

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