Daniel O’Donnell considering his future as he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome

Daniel O'Donnell

Irish star Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that he is considering his future in the music business and that he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome.

The singer turned 60 in 2021 and celebrated with a new album – Daniel O’Donnell 60 – and a headline show on an Irish themed Caribbean cruise.

He has built up a legion of loyal fans during a career that has lasted forty years and counting.

O’Donnell has not lost any of that popularity as the years have gone by, as proved by the fact that tickets for the weeklong cruise sold out in weeks.

However, he takes nothing for granted and says that while he loves performing and recording, he is keen not to outstay his welcome.

He told the Irish Mirror: “I do enjoy it and I think as long as other people enjoy it, and as long as I feel I am able to do it, I will.

“I think the important thing is not to outstay your welcome.

“You know, there will be a time for whatever reason the time is right not to be out there. And I really do want to recognise that, and I will.”

As he reflected on his decades in the music business, he said that things had turned out better than he could have ever planned.

He said: “I think things worked out better than I ever could have hoped for, even if I planned it.

“I doubt I would have ever planned what I got to do, my vision wouldn’t have been as great as the reality I was about to experience so I was very very fortunate.

“You know you are aware that you are 60 and thinking about all you have been allowed to do but I don’t think ‘god I am running out of time’.

“I suppose I have lived longer I imagine than I will live, because that’s just because people don’t live until 120 generally, but I don’t feel that I am running out of time.”

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