Aisling Bea reveals awkward moment during raunchy scene with Paul Rudd

Aisling Bea reveals awkward moment during raunchy scene with Paul Rudd

Irish star Aisling Bea revealed her co-star Paul Rudd was the perfect gentleman when they performed a raunchy scene in their Netflix series Living With Myself.

The Co Kildare actress plays the wife of Rudd’s character in the smash comedy.

The on-screen chemistry between the two is one of the key factors in the show’s success.

However, Bea did reveal that she suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction when filming a particularly steamy scene with the Hollywood star.

She said: “We had a very funny moment when the nipple covers I was wearing slipped off mid-way through a sex scene. I guess they were just a bit sweaty, and I looked down and they were gone.

“The camera didn’t pick up that we needed to stop filming as we were trying to do the scene in one take to ensure it had good continuity, so he was still in character and trying to protect my dignity from four other guys and a fella holding a boom mike, covering my boobs with his arms and elbows.

“It’s great when something like that happens on set because it shows that the person you are working with has your back.”

Living With Yourself was one of the most talked about shows of 2019. It sees Rudd’s character accidentally create a clone of himself, and then he and his wife, and his clone, have to deal with the chaos and confusion that follows.

Take a look at the YouTube trailer below.