Nichola Coughlan shares inspiring message to young fans

Nicola Coughlan

Irish star Nichola Coughlan has posted an inspirational message to her fans on social media, telling them to follow their dreams.

The Galway born actress added a photo of herself as a youngster from a time she worked as a waitress before finding fame with Derry Girls.

She said that at the time she felt ‘broke and disheartened’ – but six years later her hard work has paid off spectacularly as she followed up Derry Girls with a starring role in the huge Netflix hit Bridgerton.

Coughlan posted: “This is a picture of me from six years ago when I was a waitress.

“I remember taking it and joking about how bad my hair looked cos I hadn’t been able to afford to get it done in months. During this time I was so desperate to be acting and unsure that I would ever get to.

“I was really broke and really disheartened.

“Just sharing because I’m so deeply grateful of all the things I’ve been lucky enough to do since this picture was taken. I’m in constant disbelief at the good fortune I’ve had, the people I worked with, and the people I’m about to work with.

“It’s overwhelming to think back but I’m so grateful to all the kindness and support people have shown me and know I never take a moment of this for granted.

“Follow ya dreams kids.”

Her inspiring message follows her recent comments that she is only just getting used to the feeling of having money after spending so much of her life without any.

She told RTÉ Guide: “I only got Derry Girls five years ago so it’s not long since I’ve been able to go and buy a coffee and not have a panic attack.

“So, I reckon I’ll have a few more years of thinking ‘I hope I have some money in my bank account’.”

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