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Romance of Ireland

Three American girls have been let loose in Ireland to explore the country and discover their Irish roots. It’s all part of the Gaelic Girls project. This is the view of the Romantic Girl. I’m from Maryland. Silver Spring, Maryland to be exact. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s Lonely …

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Why American presidents love their Irish ancestry

President Barack Obama (Photo Pete Souza)

American presidents like John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Barack Obama may have numerous political differences but they all have one thing in common: they have all been keen to publicise their Irish ancestry. Why should they be so keen to promote their links with Ireland? Here’s an …

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Obama to visit Ireland and assert his Irish heritage

Much has quite rightly been made of Barack Obama being America’s first black president but he has also been keen to assert his Irish heritage. Ok, it goes a long way back but his connection to Ireland is real. His great, great, great grandfather on his mother’s side came from …

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Assert your Irish heritage

Irish people living abroad have always looked for ways to assert their Irish heritage – whether it be music, culture, politics or sport. Now there’s another way for the Irish living in Britain to assert themselves … all they have to do is tick a box. How Irish are you?

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