Ireland targets tourists with Irish heritage

The Irish Government is urging people to invite and entice friends and relatives around the world with Irish roots and connections to visit Ireland.

Enda Kenny Irish Fine Gael politician and Taoiseach
Enda Kenny

They hope to attract an extra 325,000 tourists next year, a figure that would help in the country’s economic revival.
The initiative is known as ‘The Gathering’ and is designed to appeal to around 70 million people worldwide with Irish heritage. Organisers say it will last throughout 2013 and would ‘benefit everyone’.

Getting Ireland ‘back on its feet’

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “The Gathering is serious business, with serious commitment and serious gains to be made.

“Every day I meet people who say to me, ‘Taoiseach, we want to do something for Ireland. We want to make a difference in getting Ireland back on its feet.’

“With The Gathering they can. Bring them home. Treat them well. The Gathering is ‘Project Ireland’. Do your bit.”

Ring of Kerry SW Ireland (courtesy of DI Florian Fuchs)
Ring of Kerry SW Ireland

Great country, great community, great people

The Government are not offering any grants for Irish citizens taking part but are hoping that people will get involved to do their bit for their country.

Minister of State for Tourism Michael Ring said: “We’re looking for your help and support on this. We want positivity, no negativity. We want everyone working on this.

“We have a great country, great community, great people.”

The gathering will include several high profile events including a week long St Patrick’s festival and a multi venue Christmas and New Year Festival.

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