So what is the essence of being Irish?

What does it mean to be Irish

Millions of people around the world are proud to celebrate their Irish heritage.

There are even some people with no Irish roots who want to become more engrained in Irish culture.

What-does-it-mean-to-be-Irish-St-Patricks Day Dublin Image copyright Ireland Calling

Now a Polish woman living in Ireland has produced a YouTube video in which she investigates how she could become more Irish.

Karolina Gwinner has lived in Ireland for five years and entered a competition organised by convenience chain, Spar. Entrants create a video saying why Spar should send them around the world and report on their travels.

In Karolina’s video she declares that the Irish have the best personalities and asks Irish people what is the essence of being Irish.

‘Irishness is a state of mind’

Some of the advice she received included using phrases like “Ah don’t worry, you’ll be grand” and “My round”. One person told her that ‘Irishness is a state of mind’.

Eventually she was told that all she had to do to fit in in Ireland was to be herself.

Here’s Karolina’s video.

Written by Andrew Moore