Assert your Irish heritage

Essence of Irishness
How Irish are you?

Irish people living abroad have always looked for ways to assert their Irish heritage – whether it be music, culture, politics or sport.
Now there’s another way for the Irish living in Britain to assert themselves … all they have to do is tick a box.
How Irish are you?

The Federation of Irish Societies in the UK believes that the Irish population in Britain is under-represented in official Government figures.

It means that the needs of the Irish community are sometimes overlooked.

The Federation has now launched a campaign urging Irish people and those of Irish descent to make sure they are properly represented by ticking the Irish ethnicity box on the coming census.

The Federation has enlisted the help of Irish descent celebrities like music presenter Terry Christian and Wolverhampton Wanderers football club manager Mick McCarthy to urge people to tick the Irish ethnicity box.

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Meanwhile, here are some views of Irish people living in Britain.