Michael Fassbender is ‘hilarious’ according to his Hollywood co-star

Michael Fassbender is ‘hilarious’ according to his Hollywood co-star

Michael Fassbender has been described as ‘hilarious’ by his co-star Elisabeth Moss who added: “The man is so good at improv and I had no idea!”

Irish actor Fassbender stars opposite Moss in the remake of the 2014 documentary Next Goal Wins about Dutch coach Thomas Rongen trying to turn the Samoa national football team into a competitive side.

Michael Fassbender is ‘hilarious’ according to his Hollywood co-star

Moss was speaking to Joe.ie ahead of the release of her latest movie, The Invisible Man.

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The discussion quickly turned to her experiences of working with Fassbender on the set of Next Goal Wins and Moss was full of praise for the German-born star.

She said: “First of all, the man is so good at improv and I had no idea!

“I think of him as a very serious actor, but that man is hilarious.

Fans of Fassbender may be keen to see him in a more comedic role.

We are more used to seeing him in serious dramatic roles in films such as Steve Jobs and 12 Years a Slave – both of which he received an Academy Award nomination.

Fassbender has also mastered the art of playing action heroes, and has been impressive in the X-Men franchise as well as films such as 300 and Alien: Covenant.

However, Moss insists fans will see a whole new side of Fassbender in the upcoming sporting comedy.

She said: “I was shocked, honestly, and I think people are gonna be really bowled over by him, because he is really funny and his ability to improv is absolutely remarkable. I’ve always been impressed by him as a dramatic actor, and I saw this whole new side which was really cool.”

You can see the whole interview with Moss below.

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