Michael Fassbender teaches Sophie Turner and James McEvoy some Irish slang

Michael Fassbender teaches Irish slang to Sophie Turner and James McAvoy

Hollywood star Michael Fassbender gave a lesson in Irish slang to fellow actors Sophie Turner and James McEvoy.

They taught him some English and Scottish slang in return. The trio showed that although they come from three countries so close together that all share a language, there are plenty of terms that one will have that the others don’t understand.

The stars were doing a video for Vanity Fair ahead of their 2019 movie ‘X Men: Dark Phoenix’.

Michael Fassbender teaches Irish slang to Sophie Turner and James McAvoy

There were some phrases and terms that were familiar to all three such as ‘Away with the fairies’ or ‘earwigging’.

Fassbender, who was born in Germany but raised in Kerry, explained to the English Tuner and Scottish McEvoy the meaning of words and phrases such as ossified, cat, acting the maggot and shift and drift.

McEvoy was on good form as he explained several phrases. He had plenty of opportunity as Fassbender observed “there’s a lot more Scottish slang”.

The Scottish star also pointed out a glaring error in Vanity Fair’s presentation. The American magazine had given the discussion the title ‘British, Irish and Scottish slang’.

Of course, the English and Scottish are both British so the trio changed the title to ‘English, Scottish and Irish slang’.

Turner had the most difficult time as she was unable to recognise the English expression ‘frit’ which means to be frightened – although Fassbender managed to guess correctly.

She managed to redeem herself by explaining the excellent phrase ‘It’s black over Bill’s mother’s’.

Take a look at the video below.

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