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The fairy tale estate that Henry Ford’s Irish ancestors had to flee

Lisselan House links to Henry Ford

More than a million people fled Ireland in the wake of the Great Hunger in the 1840s, but few had to abandon an area as beautiful as the fairy tale estate Henry Ford’s ancestors left behind. Of course, the lowly Ford family didn’t own the idyllic paradise known as the …

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Thomas Barnardo – Irish founder of Barnardo’s charity

Thomas John Barnardo - Irish founder of Barnardo's charity

Thomas John Barnardo was an Irish doctor who set up the world famous Barnardo’s charity providing help and care for homeless children across the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. He began the charity in 1866 and it has since grown into a multi-million pound project providing more than 900 services …

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Paul Boyton – Fearless Frogman from Co Kildare

Captain-Paul-Boyton-Fearless Frogman Image Ireland Calling

Paul Boyton was a world famous adventurer and showman, known as ‘The Fearless Frogman’. He specialised in daring stunts and challenges across water  and set up the United States Life-Saving Service, a forerunner of today’s Coastguards. He also developed a water sports park that became the forerunner of the Luna …

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