Kate Winslet ‘looked after’ Michael Fassbender on set of Steve Jobs

Michael Kehoe

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  1. Michael Gormley says:

    Kate, I am a big fan and always love to see you in the movies. I don’t know much about you, but I always thought of you as a real classy lady and a fantastic actress. You are as they say “a class act” and I love what you had to say about your drama teacher and how you would only get “fat girl parts.” I admire you for sticking with your acting despite the negative comments. It shows your courage and determination, and I truly admire you for that. Of course you are very “easy on the eye” a gorgeous lady. It is so nice to read about your caring and concern for the people with whom you work, and especially Michael Fassbender. I am a retired high school English teacher from Ireland living in LA, and I believe the most important part of my job was to encourage students and make them believe in themselves especially when they received negative comments from others. It is my dream to meet you one day, but it is only a dream as I know your time is precious and you have legion of fans. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Do you know that St. Valentine is buried in Dublin! Much love and hugs to a real professional, a beautiful classy lady, and a genuinely caring person. You are in my prayers for good health and much success. Michael Gormley XOXOXO

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